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Northwest Kansas Resources

2015 ushered in a new partnership with K-State Research and Extension and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to provide a Community Vitality Specialist to focus on the specific issues and needs that affect Northwest Kansas. 

Nadine Sigle, Extension Associate for Community Vitality with K-State Research and Extension, serves Northwest Kansas - addressing needs, assisting communities, providing resources, and much much more. Visit the Hays Post Forum video page (CLICK HERE) for more information on her work and the area she serves. 

During this time Nadine's work is specific to Northwest Kansas, although in the future all PRIDE communities will benefit from her pilot programs.

The following are resources that are available specifically for Northwest Kansas Communities:

First Impressions

Ever wonder what people visiting your town think?  First impressions are important as the community works to improve the overall quality of life and develop its sense of place. Interested in First Impressions for your community? View the resources below:

First Impressions Brochure

First Impressions Application

First Impressions Fact Sheet


Dane G. Hansen Community Intern Initiative

Often a community may identify a priority or need but does not have individuals with the skill set to tackle the problem. The Community Intern Initiative is an opportunity for rural communities in NW Kansas to utilize an upper level college student who has the needed skill set to accomplish a project. Students are able to obtain the hands-on experience needed when looking for a job and communities benefit from their knowledge. It’s a win for both.  Find out more about this cooperative effort between the Dane G. Hansen Foundation and K-State Research and Extension:

Community Internship Initiative


Ripple Effects Mapping

Ripple Effects Mapping is a new way to explore overall (individual, group, community, or regional) changes that have taken place since participating in the Extension program.

Ripple Effects Mapping for Evaluation

Determine Grant Impacts through Ripple Effects Mapping

Nadine Sigle

Nadine Sigle
Dane G. Hansen
Community Vitality
Bound by HWY 81 and Interstate 70