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K-State Research and Extension

Dane G. Hansen Community Internships

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation, in cooperation with K-State Research and Extension, is offering NW Kansas communities an opportunity to host a summer intern(s).  

The Dane G. Hansen Foundation community internship initiative matches Northwest Kansas communities or organizations that have a specific need with upper-level college students to address that need during a summer internship.

Communities or organizations first identify a community improvement project such as downtown revitalization planning; community website, calendar or marketing; park or trail improvement; design for re-purposing an old building; or a host of other possibilities, and then apply to host an intern to assist with the project.

Job descriptions for summer internship positions are developed once projects are identified, and students apply for the various positions.

Students are able to get the hands-on experience needed when looking for a job and communities benefit from their knowledge. It’s a win for both.

Community Information:
Communities or qualified organizations identify a community improvement project which could be completed with the help of one or two student interns.

Communities provide:

  • A unique and challenging community project
  • Housing
  • Office space and supplies
  • Oversight and support from a community development or other professional
  • Opportunities for the interns to engage in civic and other service opportunities such as reporting at city council or economic development meetings or speaking at civic organizations
  • A final grant report to include information on the experience and accomplishments from both the student and the community perspective, photographs, media coverage and other information

Student Information:
Once the projects are identified, students from area colleges are invited to apply for the summer internship and are matched according to skill set with the community projects.

Funding is provided by the Dane G. Hansen Foundation to Kansas State University for administration of the program.  Interns will be summer employees of Kansas State University.

Student applicants do not have to be KSU students.   K-State Research and Extension works with colleges and universities across the state to match interns to communities.

Students interns receive:

  • Housing (provided by the host community or organization)
  • Up to 400 hours of work between May 20 and August 10, 2019
  • Compensation at $20.00 / hour (No overtime allowed)
  • Opportunity to truly utilize their skills and tackle a real project

How to apply:
Intern positions will be posted on the KSU Careers page at https://www.k-state.edu/hcs/careers/ as they become available (starting about December 1).

Applicants must provide:

  • cover letter
  • resume
  • transcript
  • letters of recommendation
  • For some positions, a portfolio may be required (Architecture, Interior Design, etc.).

Interviews will be scheduled with the sponsoring community or organization.  Positions will remain open until filled or at the discretion of the sponsoring community or organization.

Reporting: At completion of the internship and project, both the community or organization and the student will submit a final grant report to include information on the experience and accomplishments, photographs, media coverage and other information.

Contact Nadine Sigle, K-State Research and Extension, Community Vitality Specialist, at nsigle@ksu.edu or call 785-346-6256

Community Application and Additional Information

The 2019 Intern Host Application can be found HERE

Additional community internship program information, including a timeline, can be found HERE