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Annual Conference 2023

 The 2023 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference will be held October 24-26, 2023 at the K-State Student Union in Manhattan, KS. Annual Conference is an opportunity for extension staff from across the state to collaborate with each other, focus on core competencies, build relationships through networking, and to recognize peers for their accomplishments.  

The 2023 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference Planning Committee is thrilled to invite enthusiastic individuals, passionate educators, and forward-thinking professionals to submit their proposals for this year’s annual conference break-out sessions. With the theme "Game on - Building the Engaged Land Grant of the Future," this event aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange among attendees as we explore K-State Research and Extension’s role in supporting the university’s vision for leading the nation as a next-generation land-grant university.

We are seeking nominations for individuals deserving of having their work recognized. More information about the 2023 Award Nominations Process can be found by clicking the link below. 

2023 K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference Award Nominations


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