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KSRE Employee Resources

Resource Fair

The following are booths that will be displayed on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at the Resource Fair during Annual Conference for K-State Research and Extension.

  1. Marketing Programming to Local Audiences
    Presented by: Meg Stopps, Communication Solutions

  2. Getting to Know the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab
    Presented by: Karen Blakeslee, Animal Sciences & Industry/Food Science Institute

    The Kansas Value Added Foods Lab is here to help small food processors get started on the right foot! Learn about what we do, the services we offer, and how you can play a part in the success of these businesses in your communities. Our goal is to help them produce safe food products and to help produce value-added agricultural products to sell direct-to-consumers and beyond.

  3. Curriculum Availability for School Enrichment Programs
    Presented by: Amy Collins, Extension Programs - State 4-H Office

    Each Regional Extension Center and the State 4-H Office houses a myriad of curriculum options Extension Agents can check out for School Enrichment Programming within their local units.  This class will showcase the newest curriculum from the Summer Engagement Grant and review curriculum that's been available in the past.  Extension Agents, both new and experienced, will familiarize themselves with ways to use the curriculum and the curriculum check out process.

  4. Kansas Community Empowerment - Partnerships and Resources
    Presented by: Jan Steen, Community Vitality

    The Kansas PRIDE program underwent a re-branding effort in early 2023 and is today known as the Kansas Community Empowerment program. We'll reintroduce the program, discuss it's partnerships at the state and local levels, present resources available to local communities and Extension offices, demonstrate our reporting system to view volunteer activities, and show how local staff can become involved in this Extension administered program at the local level.

  5. Leveraging Partnerships: Working Together to Improve Produce Safety, WPS, and Produce Water Testing
    Presented by: Katelynn Stull, KSRE - Food Safety

    This resource booth will provide information on how Kansas State Research and Extension leveraged and developed new partnerships to strengthen produce safety and Worker Protection Standard (WPS) pesticide safety in Kansas.  This session will provide program updates on produce safety, including information on the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule’s agricultural water subparts.  KSRE staff will also provide information on the new partnership between KSRE and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment that will enable produce growers to drop off water samples for microbial water testing in their own county.  Information will also be provided on the EPA WPS including information on which plant growers are covered by WPS requirements.  WPS resources developed by KSRE and information on upcoming WPS webinars and a WPS Train the Trainer (TTT) will also be highlighted.

  6. Kitchen Kids Camp and 'Cats in the Kitchen Heating up Local Partnerships
    Presented by: Holly Miner, Wildcat District

    If your programming is not hot enough visit this booth to get the most of your efforts.  Working with a variety of partnerships, coalitions and community organizations Wildcat Extension Agent Holly Miner has heated up the district with cooking classes for youth and adults.Holly will describe the Kitchen Kids Program and how it has evolved through the last three years and grown to include an adult cooking program.

  7. Thirsty for livestock watering options: An update on Waterers and Water Systems Handbook
    Presented by: Stacie Minson, KCARE Watershed Specialist Team, and Dr. Carol Baldwin

    What is the most important livestock nutrient? Water! An updated version of the 2007 publication Waterers and Watering Systems: A handbook for livestock producers and landowners is just off the press. This perennially favorite Extension publication includes new sections as well as updated older chapters. The entire publication can be accessed as a pdf at the KSRE bookstore, or individual chapters can be downloaded off the KCARE website. YouTube waterer installation videos are available, along with a photo gallery of livestock watering components. Join us to find out how to best use the handbook and the new educational materials to assist landowners with their livestock watering needs.

  8. Stepping Stones to Community Success: Community Vitality Resources
    Presented by: Jaime Menon, KSRE Community Vitality and Kansas Community Empowerment, Deborah Kohl, Community Vitality Specialist

    Not every community will start their community vitality/development journey at the same place. That’s why we developed a model for community opportunity and success. Join our KSRE CV Specialist team to learn about the Community Vitality Pathway – highlighting the resources that KSRE has to offer to meet any community where they are in their journey. From assessment and business support, to developing leaders, we’ve got the tools to help your community navigate toward success.

  9. Resolving the Family Feud:  What Is Mediation & Kansas Resources for Producers
    Presented by: Kay Prather, Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services

    Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services "KAMS" provides resources for Kansas landowners, producers and ag creditors including credit counseling, legal information, mediation, and succession or transition planning.

  10. Kansas Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (KS SARE)
    Presented by: Kerri Ebert, Extension Programs

    Kansas Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (KS SARE) resources, programs, and educational materials available to Extension professionals.

  11. Mobile Irrigation Lab Resources
    Presented by: Jonathan Aguilar, SWREC

    Mobile Irrigation Lab Resources.  Featuring some of the water management tools that producers can use in their operations.  Improved and updated tools include KanSched (when and how much to irrigate) and Multi-Year Crop Water Allocator (best use of water allocated for the field), among others.

  12. Whose Energy Will YOU Allow On Your Bus
    Presented by: Dr. Sarah E. Maass, Kansas 4-H Youth Development

    Have you ever been on a team that is going nowhere? Climb aboard the energy bus for the motivation and rules you need for success in your life. Transform your life and your team to create a culture with no energy vampires. Join the presenters as they share their experiences on their Energy Bus.

  13. Build Program Capacity with Volunteers -  Utilize the Developmental Stages of an Extension Professional
    Presented by: Dr. Sarah E. Maass, Kansas 4-H Youth Development
    • Build Program Capacity with Volunteers -  Utilize the Developmental Stages of an Extension Professional

      Explore how you can utilize the Developmental Stages of an Extension Professional (DSEP) model to manage volunteer systems leading to increased program capacity across Extension program areas.

      In this research-to-practice poster session you will:
      • Connect DSEP research results Extension professionals application of the model.
      • Understand the stages of the DSEP Model (service, education, management, leadership).
      • See the intersection of the DSEP Model in the Volunteer Delivery System in the Engagement of Volunteers & Sustainability.
      • Consider how applying the DSEP model can increase the public value of volunteers in communities.
      • Access a link to the DSEP model and resources.

        Walk away with tools & strategies you can use to increase your program capacity through the use of the DSEP model in your work with Extension volunteers.
  14. K-State Horticulture: Online Resource Center and Extension Master Gardener Program
    Presented by:Dr. Cynthia Domenghini, K-State Horticulture Rapid Response Center Coordinator; and Annie Baker, Kansas Extension Master Gardener Program State Coordinator

    Explore the latest resources and programs supporting Extension Agents with Horticulture responsibilities. Join us for a demonstration of the most widely used tools within the online Horticulture Resource Center, and learn how best to leverage the weekly Horticulture Newsletter for sharing timely lawn and garden information with your local communities. Discover new outreach and engagement opportunities for Extension Master Gardeners volunteers. Stop by to peruse recently updated horticulture publications, including the new Kansas Garden Guide.

  15. Kansas Forest Service
    Presented by: Ariel Whitely-Noll, Kansas Forest Service

    The Kansas Forest Service serves Kansans through our mission, Sustaining and enhancing natural resources and communities through forestry and wildland fire management. Learn more about the services, programs, and opportunities to collaborate with your local community and rural foresters or district fire management officers. 

  16. Kansas Association of Community Development Extension Professionals
    Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Brantley, Sedgwick County

    Kansas Association of Community Development Extension Professionals is the professional organization that addresses working in the field of community development and community vitality. Because we believe that all extension agents perform community development activities in a variety of ways, we are working to recruit and welcome agents from all areas to join our group and help guide our efforts as we address issues in communities across the state of Kansas.

  17. Kansas 4-H Youth Development: Vision for the Future
    Presented by: McKenzie Zimmermann, Kansas 4-H Youth Development

    Kansas 4-H Youth Development would like to share our new vision for the program, how we are utilizing technology in our operations, and the exciting things we have in store for the upcoming program year.

  18. 4-H School Enrichment: Building Community Relationships
    Presented by: Adaven Scronce, Wildcat District

    We have started offering incubator kits for teachers to use to hatch chicks in their classroom. A teacher can check a kit out and do it on their own, or I will take the kit to the classroom, give a lesson on incubating eggs, and set up the incubator. I then go back a week later to candle the eggs and give a lesson on how to care for the chicks after they hatch. I have done this program in partnership with the 4-H agents in my district. We have had great success with this program! Reaching 14 different classrooms since the beginning of the year! This program has also helped our district build stronger relationships with the schools in all four of our counties. If selected, the display would include all the supplies and materials we have put together in the incubator kit.

  19. Kansas Radon Program
    Presented by: Laura Wallace, Engineering Extension

    Learn more about the Kansas Radon Program and the outreach activities assoicated with the program. 

  20. Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab
    Presented by: Jeff Sheldon, Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab

    The Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab is a shared resource space in Hale Library which democratizes access to cutting-edge technologies and programs. We commonly work with 4-H across Kansas to support and enhance programs, with Extension Agents to help them plan their own offerings, and are looking at expanding across Kansas to better serve Extension and community needs. 

  21. Recruitment & Admissions 101
    Presented by: Deana Core, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture

    Having KSRE Extension professionals located in every corner of the state is like having a K-State Ag recruiter in every community. You are an essential part of building awareness of and enrollment at K-State! Stop by to meet the College of Ag recruitment team, become familiar with recruitment and admissions procedures, and feel confident in how you can contribute to increasing enrollment at K-State.