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KSRE Employee Resources

2023 Conference Objectives

• Share ideas on how to lead through challenging times.

• Focus on applying our core competencies.

• Build personal and professional relationships through networking with colleagues across the state.

• Recognize outstanding programs and contributions by faculty and staff.

2023 Annual Conference Committee

Committee Chair: Bob Weaber, Head of Eastern Kansas Research-Extension Center and Professor Animal Sciences

Incoming Chair: Brian Olson, Head of Western Kansas Research-Extension Center

Past Chair: Megan Kennelly, Department Head and Professor, Plant Pathology

Michelle Beran, Extension Agent, Cottonwood District

Stacy Campbell, Extension Agent, Cottonwood District

Laurie Chandler, Associate Program Leader, Administration

David Key, District Director, Meadowlark District

Caroline Kolins, Assistant Director for Agriculture and Extension

Jill Martinson, Extension Agent, Dickinson County

Rick Peterson, Associate Director, Extension Programs

Jamie Rathbun, Extension Agent, Post Rock District

Nora Rhoades, District Director, Post Rock District

Jennifer Wilson, Leader, Extension Operations

McKenzie Zimmerman, Coordinator, Extension Programs