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KSRE Employee Resources

2020 Conference Objectives

• Share ideas on how to lead through challenging times.

• Focus on applying our core competencies.

• Build personal and professional relationships through networking with colleagues across three states.

• Recognize outstanding programs and contributions by faculty and staff.

2020 Annual Conference Committee

Committee Chair - Jason Ellis, Department Head and Professor, Communications and Agricultural Education

Past Chair - Martin Draper, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs

Laurie Chandler, Associate Program Leader, Administration

Tristen Cope, Extension Agent, Marion County

Meg Drake, Marketing Officer, Communications and Agricultural Education

Martin Draper, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs

Cindy Evans, County Director, Shawnee County

Gregg Hadley, Director for Extension

Jill Martinson, Extension Agent, Dickinson County

Brian McCornack, Associate Professor, Entomology Department

Candis Meerpohl, Extension Agent, Shawnee County

Susan Metzger, Senior Executive Administrator, Administration

Rick Peterson, Associate Director, Extension Programs

Brian Rees, County Director, Lyon County

Jennifer Wilson, Leader, Extension Operations

Aliesa Woods, Regional Local Unit Director, Northwest and North Central Kansas