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KSRE Employee Resources


Healthy You Workplace Wellness

Our vision is that a culture of health will exist for K-State Research and Extension employees to model healthy behaviors as they conduct their professional responsibilities. 

2021 Health Insurance Open Enrollment

2021 Benefits Overview (pptx)

Health Plan Comparison Chart (docx)

Sample Health Plan Comparison (pdf)

Local Unit Office Employee Benefits

Benefits for office professionals and program assistants are determined by the local Extension Board. Those benefits may include the following:

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System

Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)  

State of Kansas Health Plan for Non-State Groups

2021 Cafeteria Benefits Plan for Extension Council Employees (pdf)

Keating and Associates 

Qualified Small Employer HRA's

HRA Employer Questionnaire

New Client Census Form


Using the SnapClaim app (from Keating and Associates)


K-State Employees with State Benefits

For questions contact the K-State Division of Human Capital Services at 785/532-6277.

K-State Division of Human Capital Services

K-State Employees with Federal Benefits

Extension faculty hired prior to July 1, 1986 have a combination of federal and State of Kansas benefits. For questions contact the Extension Operations Office at 785/532-5790. Click here for more information on Federal Benefits.