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Disability Accommodations and Accessibility

K-State Research and Extension programs are open to all, and Kansas State University is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. There may be occasion when you receive a request to provide accommodations to support the full participation of one of your program participants.

The following statement should appear on all event registration materials and program announcements:
"K-State Research and Extension is committed to providing equal opportunity for participation in all programs, services and activities. Accommodations for persons with disabilities may be requested by contacting the event contact (insert name) two weeks prior to the start of the event (insert deadline date) at (insert phone number and email). Requests received after this date will be honored when it is feasible to do so.”

  • Learn more about K-State Research and Extension Statements of non-discrimination in the "Public Notification of Civil Rights" section of our Compliance Resources page. 

Requesting and Providing Accommodations 

Procedural Information:

Disability Accommodations Process

  1. Community member, volunteer, program participant, youth or family member communicates that accommodations are needed for an event to be accessible.
  2. Extension professional contacts 4-H State Office first by phone at 785-532-5800 or after hours 785-477-4618 to determine if the Disability Accommodations Request Process is the appropriate next step.
  3. When instructed by the 4-H State Office, the Extension professional should help the program participant or their representative complete the Disability Accommodations Request Form.
  4. Upon submission, the Disability Accommodations Request Form will automatically go to the accommodations review committee and a formalized interactive process is launched between the 4-H State Office, K-State Human Capital Services (HCS), and individual requesting accommodations.
  5. The accommodations coordinator contacts individual to schedule an "intake" that lasts between 30 minutes and one hour.
  6. Intake consists of better understanding and formalizing the disability accommodations request and articulating what the Extension event entails to determine accessibility needs.
  7. Individual fills out Consent of Release of Information and a medical professional fills out a medical form and sends directly to HCS.
  8. The accommodations coordinator consults with K-State Human Capital Services.
  9. Individual and Extension professional are contacted with the determination of the disability accommodations request.


 Fill out the Disability Accommodation Request form







For assistance responding to requests for accommodations, contact Aliah Mestrovich Seay in the Department of 4-H Youth Development at 785-532-5800.

Increasing Accessibility for Extension Programming

Creating Accessible PDF Documents:

Since we can all download Microsoft Office if we have a Mac or Windows OS, I suggest looking at the Canvas help pages on Accessible Word documents.   This is also the best way to start an Accessible PDF using Word.  Directions for conversion to PDF are on the Creating Accessible PDFs on that same site.  These same steps also work in other word processing programs, such as LibreOffice on Linux.  You save the text file (using styles such as headings) as "Tagged PDF (add document structure)."

For more specific guidance, I recommend www.webaim.org  for detailed questions.  They have some great guidance on creating documents.  

- Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson, Director, K-State Student Access Center


American's with Disabilities Act Documents:

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Resources

Professional Development and Learning

Inclusive Leadership Strategies: Disability Accommodations and Advising webinar:

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Watch the May 01, 2020 Disability Accommodations Webinar or view its PowerPoint Presentation  pdf