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Civil Rights Training

It’s important that we all understand our responsibilities to assure equal opportunity and implement programs and employment practices that are consistent with federal and state laws. This is why all local unit agents must attend civil rights training and all local units must complete an annual Civil Rights Review.

Equally important is recognition and application of the diversity principles that reflect closely held values of Kansas State University and K-State Research and Extension. If you’ve not already, we encourage each of you to take part in Navigating Difference and include those concepts in your work as an Extension professional. These cooperative efforts of all K-State Research and Extension employees will help us move forward in building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive Extension community.

Civil Rights and Diversity Training Video

Designed for Extension Boards and Program Development Committees

Extension boards and program development committees are important partners in providing Extension educational programs. As partners, they share in our civil rights compliance responsibility.  They should be trained annually on basic civil rights compliance. Additionally, when an agent vacancy occurs, a local unit board must review the KSRE Board Hiring Module before the position will be advertised. Learn more about this policy.

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 Extension Board and Program Development Committee Training Video Discussion Guide


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Learn about Civil Rights Training though K-State's Office of Institutional Equality