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KSRE Employee Resources

Local Unit Financial Resources

For questions concerning Local Unit Financial Issues contact your regional director.

Financial Documents

Hiring a 4-H Food Stand Manager

Paypal Basics Powerpoint

Paypal Zoom Conference 

Revenue Generation Strategies

Local Unit Director Workshops  

Revenue Generating Ideas - 2016

Use of Cooperative Extension Funds Updated 1-2018

Audit Requirements for Local Extension Units

County Budget Development and Management Worksheets

District Budget Development and Management Worksheets

Budget Development for Local Extension Units

(E17) Local Extension Unit Credit (Procurement) Card Policy

Implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act in Local Extension Units

Employer-Provided Vehicles (04-08) 

Grant Document Policy
   · Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration
     of Extramural Funds

Financial Review Committee Responsibilities for 4-H Club/Group and Other Extension Affiliated Accounts (KSU 4-1)

4-H Club/Extension Group Financial Review Checklist (KSU 4-2)

4-H Club/Extension Affiliated Group Annual Financial Report (KSU 4-3)

4-H Club Treasurer Job Discription (KSU 4-4)

Principles of Managing Non-Appropriated Funds

Proposal Services

Checklist of Insurance for Local Extension Units

Approval of Extension Council and Extension District Expenses.pdf  

Tax Issues for Local Extension Offices

Federal Tax Forms Deadlines

Cell Phone/Data Enabled Portable Communication Device Options

Uniform Facsimile Signature of Public Officials Act Form