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KSRE Employee Resources

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement!

The Extension Operations staff offers several services to assist those with federal benefits in preparing for retirement.

Retirement Planning Time Line
This calendar has been developed as a suggested time line for retirement planning. Individual circumstances may dictate that a different schedule be followed.

Estimated Retirement Annuity Projections
The Extension Operations Office can provide employees with an estimated retirement annuity projection. These projections will show the estimated gross annuity, cost of health insurance, cost of survivor benefits and net annuity for an employee. Please call at (785) 532-5790.

Retirement Planning Seminars
Information regarding planning for retirement is included in the Federal Benefit Updates held during Annual Conference.

One-on-one Counseling
Stacey Warner is available by appointment to meet with employees to discuss federal benefits and retirement planning. Please email Stacey at swarner@ksu.edu to make an appointment.