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4-H Program Assistant

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4-H Program Assistant – Job Description


The 4-H Program Assistant is responsible for coordinating and managing the comprehensive 4-H youth development program in an Extension Unit. This position is supervised by the Local Extension Unit Director and/or the 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent. Some overnight travel and evening and weekend work will be required.

In consultation with the appointed supervisor:

1.   Assist the Extension Unit to enhance the 4-H program through multiple delivery methods and audiences.

  • Implement policies according to the Kansas Youth Development Policies, Best Management Practices and Information.
  • Involve the 4-H Youth Development Program Development Committee (PDC) to plan and evaluate programs.
  • Utilize volunteers to initiate and plan youth leadership opportunities such as ambassador programs and junior leader clubs.

2.  Coordinate and manage the Extension Unit’s 4-H club programs.

  • Manage the training of adult and youth club leaders.
  • Serve as the primary contact for the club program.
  • Assist the Agent with growing the 4-H program through multiple delivery methods and audiences.
  • Recruit and promote 4-H club membership and participation.
  • Assist in the management of financial and in-kind resources including collecting and recording fees, keeping financial records and preparing reports as directed by supervisor.
  • Manage the financial accountability of local 4-H organizations and clubs.
  • Manage and ensure availability of 4-H enrollment systems and databases.
  • Assist with Club Leader recruitment.
  • Write, edit and solicit materials for newsletters, mailings and electronic media.

3.  Coordinate and manage the Extension Unit’s 4-H events and activities.

  • Utilize the local 4-H Events Council and 4-H volunteers to design, develop, coordinate and evaluate 4-H events and activities to meet local needs.
  • Ensure accuracy and use of the local 4-H data and evaluation systems.
  • Promote and market 4-H youth development activities.

4.  Manage volunteers and their contributions.

  • Recruit, enroll, screen, orient, register, support and train local volunteers.
  • Steward the local Volunteer Information Profile (VIP Process.
  • Act as the primary contact for volunteers regarding training, teaching and volunteer roles.
  • Plan, implement, teach and evaluate volunteer training.
  • Promote, coordinate and encourage youth and adult participation in volunteer orientation and training.

5.  Communicate the value of the local 4-H program.

  • Provide program information to media, partners and stakeholders.

6.  Coordinate the Extension Unit’s youth participation in area, state, national and international opportunities.

  • Market opportunities and encourage youth participation.
  • Secure, orient and train registered volunteers to serve as chaperons, leaders and teachers.

7.  Participate in Area and State 4-H youth development program training sessions and updates to remain current in youth development research, 4-H programming, risk management, delivery methods and program policies.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, youth development sociology or related field OR significant experience in a youth development organization (as a member, volunteer, leader, paid staff member or some combination).
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
  • Access to a personal vehicle and the ability to obtain/maintain a valid Kansas Driver’s License.
  • Ability to represent the local K-State Research and Extension office in a professional manner.



  • Experience in working with individuals, groups and co-workers to accomplish goals.
  • Experience in word processing, email and internet resources.
  • Experience in working with volunteers.
  • Experience in coordinating events and educational activities.
  • Experience and skills in program development, teaching and evaluation.

This document is a general description of typical job duties, responsibilities and qualifications of a 4-H Program Assistant. Additional duties, specific qualifications and work emphasis may vary between individual positions.

November 19, 2009