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Extension Agent Grievance Committee 

The Extension Agent Grievance Committee is to be composed of twenty members with a minimum of five women and five men and at least two representatives of each extension administrative region. Members of the committee are to be agents who have served in their current role for at least two years. Once a member’s term on the committee has expired, they won’t be eligible to serve for one year. One half of the members rotate off each year.

Member’s names are randomly drawn for the committee by agents in leadership roles in the Kansas-JCEP Board.

2022 Extension Agent Grievance Committee Members

Term: 2022-2023  Term 2021-2022 
Shannon BlockerPottawatomie County     Franny EastwoodMarais des Cygnes District
Lori WuellnerWyandotte County David KeyMeadowlark District
Lisa MartinShawnee County Barbara Stockebrand Southwind District
Shannon SpencerFlint Hills District Marlin BatesDouglas County
Tristen CopeChisholm Trail District Monica WalkerGrant County
Marty Gleason21 Central District Kylee HarrisonWild West District
DeWayne CragheadHodgeman County Jennifer LaSalleWest Plains District
Patsy MaddyTwin Creeks District Anne PittsHarvey County
Jared PetersilieWalnut Creek District Ashley SvatyPost Rock District
   Charlene MillerButler County
   Scott EckertHarvey County
   Justin GoodnowBarber County

Bold font denotes the elected chair.

Updated 11/15/2020