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KSRE Employee Resources

Conflict Resolution

When conflicts arise within K-State Research and Extension the first step toward resolution is for the two parties to work to address the issue together. If that does not lead to the desired outcome, the conflict should be addressed through supervisory channels.

Other resources for dispute resolutions are listed below.

Office Professionals and Program Assistants

All employees are responsible to the local extension director and/or other extension agents. Any employee having a grievance shall submit his or her grievance to the said director for review before the local board, whose purpose on review shall be to determine whether or not there is a factual basis of the action of the director, or if the action of the director was arbitrary or capricious. Upon request for such review, the director shall immediately contact the board who shall place the matter on the agenda at the next meeting, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably convenient for said board.  All such review before the board shall be supported by written documentation or other competent evidence supporting the grievance alleged. The final decision as to whether, or not, the employee will be retained will be made by the board.

Extension Agents

Employee Relations

Discrimination and Harassment Complaints

Employee Due Process

Grievance Procedure

K-State University Support Staff and Unclassified Employees

Employee Relations

Discrimination and Harassment Complaints