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KSU1-10 Kansas Master Farm Family Nomination


The Master Farm Family award recognizes up to six farm families across Kansas each year representing excellence in the development and operation of a farm business, and through community involvement and service in agricultural or rural organizations and programs, family activities and development, and any other qualities that make a farm family outstanding in the county and communities where they live.


Selection will be based on reflecting lifelong accomplishments both in the agricultural farm or ranch operation along with the broader involvement in community and rural improvement.  Special emphasis will be placed on the following criteria:

  1. Change and/or growth of the farm/ranch business and operation through sound planning and grasping on to opportunities. Demonstrated stewardship, sound decision making, and planned growth of the farm/ranch business through the years.
  2. Involvement in community including leadership roles at local, county, state, or national levels. Evidence of being active and taking leadership roles in such pursuits as school, church, community, Extension programs, farm organizations, etc. throughout their lifetime.
  3. Accomplishments of children, as applicable, will also be taken into consideration.


Each Extension County/District Board is requested to organize a nominating committee. The committee should include three representatives from the Extension Board (representing any three of the four areas of agriculture, family and consumer sciences, 4-H, or community vitality); a representative of a civic organization; a banker, or other local persons The Extension Board can provide the nomination directly. Extension agents can facilitate this process, but should not be voting members of this committee.

Immediately following selection by the local committee, the farm family shall be notified and asked to complete the on-line Master Farm Family Nomination form for use in selecting those to be recognized for the statewide class of awardees.  Extension agents and/or the nominating committee are welcome to work with the farm family in completing the submission. 


All nominations and all materials submitted will be kept strictly confidential. The completed nomination is not to be reviewed by the Extension Board or the nominating committee as this book may contain confidential and personal financial data.


The nomination process is now online via this URL link:  https://tinyurl.com/Ksmff. You can review the form, print it off, or do it all online to develop your story and then cut and paste your word document into the appropriate boxes.  Special formatting will not likely transfer.  There are limitations to the number of characters for each section. Consideration has been given to make room to tell your story, but not so long to lose its impact.  Up to six photo files can be attached towards the end of the form to provide visuals to further tell the story.  Any type of file (.jpg, .pdf, .docx) will work to upload.  While working on the submission, it is possible to "save and resume later".  This feature is found at the end of the online form.  Pressing that button will bring up the question of leaving and saving.  Press "Save and get link".  You will get a unique link back to your nomination form.  You should have that link sent to your email address where you can retrieve it and go back to the nomination form at a later time.  Upon pressing the "Submit Form", no more changes or additions can be made.  


The state selection committee, as appointed by the Director for Extension, will generally consist of campus-based University administrators in agriculture or family and consumer sciences, Extension agents, specialists, and workers in agriculture or family and consumer sciences, a representative of Kansas Farmer Magazine, and agricultural business representatives.


  • Secure interest of Extension County/District Board to have a farm family nominated
  • Extension Board convenes committee to make nominations
  • Committee presents nomination(s) to Board, and contacts farm family.
  • Assure completed on-line nomination by nominee
  • Send email note of completed on-line submission of nomination to Sue Robinson, srobinso@ksu.edu , Extension Administration, Kansas State University, 123 Umberger Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-3401, by deadline.

This recognition program is co-sponsored by K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Farmer magazine. Priority is given to selection of one family from each of the four Extension program areas and up to two additional selected at large.  K-State Research and Extension is responsible for coordinating the recognition program by soliciting nominations through local Extension Boards, selecting a review panel, arranging for the review and selection of awardees, and holding an awards banquet.

In addition, K-State Research and Extension will coordinate with the Kansas Master Farmer Association and the Kansas Master Farm Homemaker Guild to conduct an annual business meeting during the Master Farm Family Day at the Kansas State Fair. At this event, Master Farm Families are guests of the Kansas Farm Bureau, Frontier Farm Credit and American AgCredit for a banquet on the State Fair grounds and are guests of the State Fair Board at a grandstand show that evening.

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Please direct your questions, comments, and suggestions about this form to Extension Administration 785-532-5820. Thank you.