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General Instructions

How to get started using the Web Version of Administrative Forms The types of forms available from this website are Adobe Acrobat (Interactive and Print Only) forms, and Excel forms. There are also links to forms on other websites.

ADOBE ACROBAT - Interactive and Print Only These forms are Portable Document Format (pdf) files. The forms are noted with the logos>pdf symbol and the pdf extension on the title. For more information on pdf files visit www.ksu.edu/tools/pdf website.

NAVIGATING INTERACTIVE FORMS Most of the Adobe Acrobat forms are Interactive. Information can be entered in fields on the form and then printed. The font size and style are already specified, along with centering and any other formatting. Most fields are designed to receive typed input, but some are pull-down lists, check boxes and radio buttons. Some of the forms are designed to do calculations and the formulas have already been entered. After the information has been entered the form can be printed. Some forms have borders indicating the fields. Others have underlined spaces. Click in the field and type the information when text or numbers are to be typed. If it's a check box, radio button or other field that responds to clicking, it will turn into a hand with the index finger extended. If the cursor is left over most fields for more than a couple of seconds, an information window will pop up with instructions about what information to enter. To move to the next field, press Tab or move the cursor. On some of the forms several fields may display the same information -- such as county/district name. The information needs only to be typed once and it will appear in all the fields indicating the same information. Note: There may be specific instructions for entering data on some of the forms. Please refer to the instructions for each form for clarification. PRINT ONLY The print only forms are just that "Print Only". The forms are noted with the logos>Printer Logo symbol. These forms will need to be printed before being filled in by hand.

EXCEL FORMS Excel forms are identified with the .xls extension or the Excel logos>xls icon symbol. Please note formulas have been added for calculations on these forms. Cells notated with $0 or $0.00 will automatically calculate Sub-Totals and Totals. Refer to instructions for each form for specific information.

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