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KSU1-9c Application for Study Leave other than Sabbatical Leave

If you haven't read them before start by reading the general instructions page before continuing..

As stated in the general instructions, this form can be filled in and printed. Use tab key or mouse to navigate this form.


Any Local Unit employee desiring to be considered for study leave to attend school must complete an APPLICATION FOR STUDY LEAVE OTHER THAN SABBATICAL LEAVE, Form KSU1-9c. The completed application must be in the hands of the Regional Director approximately two months prior to the period of requested leave.

Study Leave: Not to exceed three weeks of study leave with pay (in addition to earned annual leave) may be granted to the Agent once every three fiscal years with approval of the Local Unit Board and the Associate Director,

provided that this leave shall not be granted in the same fiscal year that  Sabbatical Leave is granted,

provided further that Three Week Study Leave shall not be granted immediately preceding or succeeding Summer School or Sabbatical Leave (three week study leave may be used as part of a regular summer school),

and provided further that the Agent may be granted not to exceed 38 working days of leave (including Three Week Study Leave, annual leave and leave without pay for study only) once in every three fiscal years.

Current Annual Leave for Study: Current annual leave may be applied to cover part or all of the period to be used for study. Indicate the exact inclusive dates of current annual leave to be used.

Leave Without Pay: Leave without pay may be used to cover part or all of the period to be used for study. Indicate exact dates of leave without pay to be used.

Total Leave: Indicate the inclusive dates for the entire period of study leave through the use of current annual leave and leave without pay.  The total shall not exceed 38 working days.

Date Last Study Leave Was Taken: Indicate the inclusive dates of the last time leave (referred to in employment agreement as “Three Week Study Leave”) was taken.

 Other items on the application are self-explanatory.

Secure approval of the request for study leave from the Local Unit Board; obtain signature of the Chair of the Local Unit Board. Forward the application to the Regional Director.

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If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact your Regional Director. Thank you.