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KSU8-19 Financial Check Sheet with Budget Development and Management Worksheets

If you've never used the web version of Administrative Forms before, please start by reading the general instructions before proceeding.

There are nine (9) Worksheet tabs at the bottom of the notebook:

1. Main Menu - This sheet provides instructions.  Input County/District name and Budget development year on this sheet.

2. Financial Check Sheet (also contains Financial Proof Sheet) - This worksheet is to be completed after receiving the audited copy of the December financial statement from KSU. Send completed copy to the Area Director. (Can be sent electronically).

3. Reserves and Pledges - This worksheet is for use in managing unobligated balance as well as Reserve and Educational Services balances.

4. Monthly Overview - Use this sheet to provide a monthly overview of receipts and expenditures to the Board.

5. Budget Worksheet - Enter into the budget worksheet, the prior two years budgeted amounts as well as actual receipts and expenditures. The proposed budget figures for the next budget year are entered here.

6. Alternative Budget Form - The alternative budget form is used by some counties as an alternative to the traditional budget form.  It is completed automatically.

7. Traditional Budget Form - The form is completed automatically and can be printed to obtain signatures of the Board Chair, Area Director and County Commissioners.

8. End of Year Estimate - This worksheet is used to estimate the amount of money available at the end of the year. The County/District Director can use this worksheet to obtain estimates of the financial status of the unit.

9. Equipment Replacement Plan - This worksheet is used to plan future vehicle, technology and other equipment purchases.

The worksheets are password protected so the user can only enter information in appropriate places.

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Please send your questions, comments, and suggestions about this form to Jim Lindquist, jlindqui@ksu.edu.  Thank you.