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KSRE Employee Resources


  1. Office Professional - Steps in Hiring (EXOP 3-4OP)

  2. Program Assistant - Steps in Hiring (EXOP 3-4PA)

  3. The Extension Program Assistant: Policy, Roles and Responsibilities (EXOP 3-3)

  4. Approval to Hire an Extension Program Assistant (EXOP 3-5)

  5. Office Professional Position Description (EXOP 3-6OP)

  6. 4-H Program Assistant Job Description 

  7. Office Professional - Application for Employment (KSU 8-29OP)

  8. Program Assistant - Application for Employment (KSU 8-29PA)

  9. Screening of Applicants Prior to Interview (EXOP 3-9)

  10. A Guide to Interviewing (EXOP 3-10)

  11. Orientation Checklist for Office Professionals and Program Assistants (EXOP 3-12)

  12. Employment Agreement  (EXOP 3-11) 

  13. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

  14. Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

  15. Kansas Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (K-4)

  16. Implementing the Fair Labor Standards Act in Local Extension Units 

  17. Overtime Compensation Agreement (EXOP 3-2)

  18. Record of Hours Worked and On Leave (KSU8-25) Excel

  19. Record of Hours Worked and On Leave (KSU8-25) PDF

  20. Sample Performance Review - Staff  EXOP 3-13

  21. Disciplinary Action Procedures for Local Extension Office Professionals and
    Program Assistants (EXOP 3-14)

  22. Employee Separation Checklist for Local Unit  (EXOP 3-17)

  23. Exit Interview for Office Professional and Program Assistant  (EXOP 3-18)

  24. Family Medical Leave Act Overview 2015 (FMLA1-1)

  25. New Agent Professional Development Overview

  26. Hiring a 4-H Food Stand Manager