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Marketing Resources

K-State Research and Extension serves as the front door for the state's land-grant university by using its statewide network to effectively partner with local, state and federal agentcies. Through consistent branding, we can help Kansans better understand that K-State Research and Extension is the local connection to Kansas State University in every county in Kansas. 

A brand is more than simply a wordmark, a flyer or poster or even a website. A brand is a promise to your customer - and in our case, a promise to Kansans to provide unbiased, research-based information to improve the wellbeing of individuals, businesses, families and communities. 

The core values that serve as the pillars of the K-State Research and Extension brand are:

  • Integrity - to develop and deliver credible information 
  • Communication - to provide common understanding 
  • Scholarship - to foster lifelong learning
  • Leadership - to serve as an agent of change
  • Inclusion - to encourage active participation 

We need to work together to build a strong brand for K-State Research and Extension. Building a strong brand requires a clear and compelling message that is: 

  • Validated by research 
  • Focused on the audience
  • Consistently and repeatedly communicated, delivered and experienced. Consistency builds credibility. 

The core of a brand is its wordmark. Our websites, packaging and promotional materials - all of which should integrate our wordmark - help communicate our brand.

Contact Meg Drake (mdrake@ksu.edu) to request access to K-State Research and Extension wordmarks and marketing templates.