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KSRE Employee Resources

K-State Extension Policies


  1. Approval of Extension Council and Extension District Expenses.pdf
  2. Expense Reimbursement of Extension Local Unit Executive Board Members.pdf
  3. Financial Review Committee Responsibilities for 4-H Club/Group and Other Extension Affiliated Accounts.pdf
  4. Handling of Funds and Accounts of Outside Groups by Extension Agents.pdf
  5. Local Unit Change Funds Policy.pdf
  6. Local Unit Credit (Procurement) Card Policy.pdf
  7. Policy for Extension Local Unit Extramural Funds Approval.pdf
  8. Principles of Managing Funds of Affiliated Groups (i.e., non-appropriated funds).pdf
  9. Raffle Policy and Guidelines.pdf
  10. Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration of Extramural Funds.pdf
  11. Use of Extension Funds for 4-H Fair Premiums.pdf
  12. Use of Cooperative Extension Funds.pdf


  1. Agent Staffing in Local Units.pdf
  2. Authorization for Out-of-State Travel by Extension Agents.pdf
  3. Cell Phone/Data Enabled Portable Communication Device Options.pdf
  4. Disciplinary Action Procedures for Local Extension Office Professionals and Program Assistants.pdf
  5. Extension Faculty Serving as Executive Secretary, Treasurer or Manager of Organizations.pdf
  6. Extension Program Assistant: Policy, Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
  7. Involvement of Extension Employees in Civil Lawsuits.pdf
  8. Local Unit Director Policy and Position Description
  9. Payment of Judging Fees to Extension Agents.pdf
  10. Policy and Procedures for Employment of Unclassified Personnel in K-State Research and Extension.pdf
  11. Professional Scheduling Policy.pdf
  12. Radio and Television Appearances of K-State Research and Extension.pdf
  13. K-State Research and Extension Agent Hiring Policy.pdf  
  14. Telecommuting Policy.pdf


  1. Program Development Committee Engagement Policy.pdf
  2. Mailing List Policy.pdf


Official Bulletin Board

Kansas and federal law require state agencies to designate and maintain official bulletin boards for the display of relevant, current administrative and personnel information of interest to employees. Such boards are to be in areas easily and regularly accessible to all employees.

You can find all necessary Bulletin Board documents at K-State Policies & Procedures Manual: Chapter 3045, Appendix A, with the exception of the And Justice for All poster, which you can receive by contacting Mary Gatza, in the Extension Operations office.

You may receive faxes or letters from companies selling posters for Official Bulletin Boards. The posters provided in K-State's Policies and Procedures Manual and by KSRE Extension Operations cover all state and federal requirements and are free of charge to you.

If you would like to learn more about the Official Bulletin Board requirements visit the K-State Policies & Procedures Manual: Chapter 3045 webpage.


  1. District Extension Agent Salary.pdf
  2. Frequency of Extension Board Meetings and Board Quorums.pdf