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KSRE Employee Resources

K-State Extension Policies


1.    Approval of Extension Council and Extension District Expenses (December 2011)

2.    Expense Reimbursement of Executive Board/District Governing Body Members (July 2006)

3.    Financial Review Committee Responsibilities for 4-H Club/Group and Other Extension Affiliated Accounts (October 2015)

4.    Handling of Funds and Accounts of Outside Groups by Extension Agents (March 2014)

5.    Local Unit Change Funds Policy (February 2016)

6.    Local Unit Credit (Procurement) Card Policy (August 2012)

7.    Policy for Extension Local Unit Extramural Funds Approval (October 2015)

8.    Principles of Managing Funds of Affiliated Groups (i.e., non-appropriated funds) (April 2019)

9.    Raffle Policy and Guidelines (February 2016)

10.   Responsibilities for Extension Local Unit Administration of Extramural Funds (November 2016)

11.   Use of Extension Funds for 4-H Fair Premiums (June 2014)



1.    Agent Staffing in Local Units (April 2014)

2.    Authorization for Out-of-State Travel by Extension Agents (March 2018)

3.    Cell Phone/Data Enabled Portable Communication Device Options (March 2012)

4.    Disciplinary Action Procedures for Local Extension Office Professionals and Program Assistants (March 2016)

5.    Extension Faculty Serving as Executive Secretary, Treasurer or Manager of Organizations (March 2014)

6.    Extension Program Assistant: Policy, Roles and Responsibilities (March 2016)

7.    Involvement of Extension Employees in Civil Lawsuits (April 2014)

8.    County Extension Director (three or fewer agents) 

9.    Local Unit Extension Director with Agent Supervision (Counties with four or more agents and all districts)

9.    Payment of Judging Fees to Extension Agents (June 2018)

10.   Policy and Procedures for Employment of Unclassified Personnel in K-State Research and Extension (April 2014)

11.   Professional Scheduling Policy (March 2019)

12.   Radio and Television Appearances of K-State Research and Extension (March 2014)

13.  K-State Research and Extension Agent Hiring Policy (August 2019)

14.  Ethics and Confidentiality Commitment (August 2019)



Program Development Committee Engagement Policy (January 2015)



1.    District Extension Agent Salary (April 2011)

2.    Frequency of Extension Board Meetings and Board Quorums (May 2019)

3.    Official Bulletin Board (May 2019)