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KSRE Employee Resources


 A - Federal Laws

Information on federal legislation is available @USDA-NIFA

B - State Laws

B1.    Kansas County Extension Council Law (Amended 1991)

B2.    Kansas Extension District Law

B3.    Tax Levies for 4-H Buildings

B4.    Kansas Tort Claims Act

B5.    Marking and Operating Publicly-Owned Motor Vehicles

C - Kansas State Attorney General Opinions

C1.   Use of County Agricultural Extension Council Funds for 4-H Fair Premiums (1951)

C2.    Construction of Buildings by County Agricultural Extension Councils (1953)

C3.    Revision of Approved and Filed Budgets for County Agricultural Extension Councils (1953)

C4.    Jurisdiction Relating to an Approved and Filed Budget for County Agricultural Extension Councils (1957)

C5.    Representation on the Executive Board (1972)

C6.    Holding Election Meetings in Each Commissioner District

C7.    County Extension Council Election Meetings (1973)

C8.    Approval of Budgets for County Extension Councils and Determining Agent Salaries (1982)

C9.    Extension Councils Charging Use Fees (1984)

C10.   Owner of Property Acquired by the Extension Council (1987)

C11.   Statutory Requirement for General Liability Insurance (1987)

C12.   Immunity of Volunteer Workers of County Extension Councils from Negligence Liability (1987)

C13.   County Extension Council Budget Approval (1988)

C14.   Moneys Remaining in Account at the Conclusion of a Budgetary Year (1989)

C15.   Extension Volunteers Are Employees of the Extension Council for Tort Claims Purposes (1996)

D- Kansas State University and Division of Extension Legal Opinions 

For Extension Administrative Team Only