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KSRE Employee Resources

Financial Assistance Summary

Below is a summary listing of scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans that financially support participation in credit as well as non-credit continuing professional development opportunities. Information included in the "profiles" (descriptions, eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and contact person) are updated annually based on correspondence with sponsoring organizations.

1)Epsilon Sigma Phi - Extension Endowment Fund Grant
Criteria:   Invitations for proposals are issued in August. The Epsilon Sigma Phi Endowment Fund Board of Trustees reviews proposals and announces awards at the K-State Research and Extension Annual Conference.
See Endowment Grant Application Process for additional information and application format.

2) Jim Lindquist Administrative Leadership Scholarship

Criteria:    ESP members are eligible to apply for scholarships to attend any professional development experience, with preference to the ESP Conference or administrative leadership professional development that is regional or national in scope.   
Contact:  For additional information

3) National Association of County Agricultural Agents Scholarships (Individual or Group)

Amount:   $2000 maximum scholarship per member
Purpose:   For any individual or group professional development program, including tours, seminars, advanced degrees, graduate credit or research.
Criteria:    All members of NACAA and KACAA who have contributed at least $40 to the NACAA scholarship fund are eligible to apply.
Contact:  http://www.nacaa.com/awards/

4) Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship for Professional Development
Purpose:   The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Educators who are properly enrolled in a Master’s degree program at Kansas State University as a means to develop their career in Family and Consumer Sciences Extension.
Contact:   For additional information and application format see, http://www.ksre.k-state.edu/fcs/agent-resources/scholarships/professional-development/index.html

5) Kansas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Scholarship
Amount:   $150 to one Association member.
Purpose:   To be used for professional workshops, training, as well as college credit.
Contact:    http://www.ksre.k-state.edu/agent_association/family-consumer-sciences/awards/state-only-awards/index.html
for additional information and application format.

6) Kansas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences - Elinor Anderson Scholarship
Amount:    $400 to one Association member for graduate study. $400 for workshops, short courses, or TELENET taken for graduate credit to be divided not more than four ways. The total amount ($800) may be awarded to one applicant.
Purpose:    To be used for graduate credit courses at Kansas State University.
Contact:     http://www.ksre.k-state.edu/agent_association/family-consumer-sciences/awards/state-only-awards/index.html
for additional information and application format.

7) National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences - Grace Frysinger Award
Amount:   One $400 grant
Purpose:   For Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Agents to give members with up to 5 years experience an opportunity to pursue professional improvement through graduate study in the area of their choosing.
Criteria:    Competitive. Only one award presented to member 5 years or less. 
Contact:   http://www.neafcs.org/winners-by-award for additional information.

8) Kansas Association of Extension 4-H Agents - Patricia Koons Memorial Scholarship
Amount:    $250 (approx.)
Purpose:    For improvement of 4-H programming skills. May include graduate study, inter-session courses, summer or winter school, or a professional development conference.
Criteria:    County or District Extension agent.
Contact:    KAE4-H Agents – Recognition Committee Chair


9) K-State Research and Extension - Paul W. Griffith Memorial Scholarship
Amount:      $1000 tuition assistance (must be approved by Regional Extension Directors)
Deadline:    November 1
Purpose:     For assistance to outstanding Research and Extension employees pursuing graduate study (either on campus or via distance education) at Kansas State University.
Criteria:      K-State Research and Extension employee with a primary extension appointment pursuing an advanced degree at Kansas State University.
Criteria to be considered in ranking competing applications:
  1. Program of study leading to advanced degree has been developed.
  2. Sabbatical leave has been approved.
  3. If not on Sabbatic, enrolled in a multi-course program where at least two or more courses are being taken at the same time.
  4. Other tuition assistance programs are not covering the cost.
  5. Has not previously been awarded the Griffith Scholarship.
Contact:    Send letter of interest to address the above criteria and program of study form to:
                   Director for Extension
                   K-State Research and Extension
                   123 Umberger Hall
                   1612 Claflin Rd
                   Manhattan, KS 66506-3401
                   Phone: 785-532-5820

10) Kansas State University Tuition Assistance Program

Contact:   http://www.k-state.edu/policies/ppm/4870.html#20   for additional information.

11) Kansas State University - President's Faculty Development Awards
Deadline:   Deadline and application form can be found on website

12) Kansas State University - University Small Research Grants (USRG)
Deadline: Deadline and application form can be found on the website at

13) Non-traditional & Veteran Student Services
NTVSS provides assistance and advocacy for students before, during and after their admission to Kansas State University. The goal is to provide opportunities and resources while addressing any questions or concerns about being a non-traditional military connected student. Information about scholarships for non-traditional and veteran students is also available at: http://www.ksu.edu/nontrad/ (then click on scholarships).
Contact:        Kansas State University
                    217 Student Union
                    Manhattan, KS 66506
                    Phone: 785-395-8387
                    E-mail: dombarnes@k-state.edu


14) Sarah Bradley Tyson Memorial Fellowship
Purpose:    Fellowships for advanced study at an educational institution of recognized standing in the U.S.
Criteria:     Awards have been made in recognition of leadership in cooperative extension work and initiative in scientific research.
Contact:    http://www.wnfga.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/SBTfellowship.pdf  for more information or to ask questions please contact:
                Women’s National Farm and Garden Association

Updated 01/2019