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KSRE Employee Resources

General Resources

PDC Orientation Video:  This video resource can be used to help PDC members learn about their role as a PDC member. It could be shown at a PDC meeting or sent to PDC members shortly after their election.        

Best Practices for Agents Working with PDCs, PDC-1 (1/2015)
: These best practices are an agents "go-to" resource for working with PDCs and will lead to effective collaboration between agents and program development committee members.

New Agent: Beginning and Building Relationships, PDC-2 (1/2015):  Extension program are planned in partnership with local citizens who serve as PDC members. This resource provides recommendations for getting started and building relationships with PDC members.

PDC Excellence Assessment, PDC-3 (7/2015):  The assessment is designed for agents and PDC members to complete annually.

Reaching Underserved Audiences Video

Serving as a Member of a Program Development Committee, PDC-4 (1/2015): This document gives an overview of the structure of Program Development Committees and the role of the committee members.

Handbook for County Extension Councils and District Governing Bodies: This handbook provides the organizational framework for K-State Research and Extension in local units across the state. It includes Kansas Extension laws, the Memorandum of Understanding and an outline of the responsibilities of the state and local partners.

Additional Resources

The following resources provide more in-depth learning, details and supplementary activities.

  • Community Toolbox (CTB): The CTB is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities. There are over 300 educational modules and free tools to assist groups with community assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, and advocacy.
  • Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders (SEAL):  This ready-to-use curricula is designed for face-to-face delivery with both faculty and volunteer advisory members. Includes sections on Organizing Meetings, Setting Program Priorities, Capacity Building, and Impact.
  • Council Leadership Training, University of Missouri: A series of IMPACT leaflets was developed to provide information and assistance to councils on a variety of topics including: Successful Meetings, Agenda Planning, Delegation, Nominal Group Process, etc.