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KSRE Employee Resources

Planning with a Purpose

Program development is an ongoing process that Extension professionals follow as they plan, implement and evaluate their educational programs.

Program Development Module:  This KSRE board leadership module could be presented to board and/or program development committee (PDC) members before program planning begins.

Designing Programs Using the Logic Model:  Powerpoint presentation developed by Dr. Paula Peters that goes step-by-step through the logic model.

Logic Model: One page, four color PDF that displays the steps in using the logic model.

Evaluation Resources and Templates: A variety of resources (including samples of evaluation) are available through the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE) to assist with program evaluation.

Setting Priorities: Outlines several techniques used with groups to help determine program priorities.

Working with Groups (Facilitation Tools)

Additional Resources: The following resources have been selected to provide a more in-depth learning, details and supplementary activities to the topics presented on this webpage.

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives ... Oh My!:  A tool to use with groups to develop a shared vision, mission statement, and to identify goals, objectives, projects and activities

Program Development and Evaluation, University of Wisconsin -- Extension:  Numerous extension resources related to program development.