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Recruiting PDC Volunteers

Volunteers are vital to Extension, and organizing a strong volunteer base is essential to Extension’s mission. Volunteers help Extension reach more clientele, ensure the relevancy of programs, deliver Extension education and interpret the value of Extension to stakeholders. Recruiting volunteers takes a good deal of time and energy. In this section, you will learn about ways to maximize your efforts and get better results with recruitment.

Recruiting Board and PDC Members:  This teaching module provides information to guide local board members through the process of recruiting new members.

PDC Member Position Description, PDC-5 (1/2015): For new or existing members, this is a resource designed to explain the role of a PDC member.

PDC Guidelines for Expansion, PDC-6 (1/2015): Kansas Extension law calls for a minimum of four Program Development Committees. This document outlines when and why a local extension board might decide to expand the membership of their committees.

Board Member Recruitment Worksheet:  As boards are formed it is important to look at the personality, the generation, and the resources the nominee can bring to the board, as well as what the board gains by having this inpidual become a member. This worksheet will help to identify a board's composition and to guide members in determining what kinds of board members to recruit.

Serving as a Member of a Program Development Committee, PDC-4 (1/2015): This resource will help you become oriented to the expectations and responsibilities of being a program development committee. It also explains the formation of PDCs and planning educational programming with agents.

State and County QuickFacts: State and county demographics from the U.S. Census Bureau.