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KSRE Employee Resources

PFT Action Plans and Making a Difference Reports 2012-2013

2013-2014 Action Plans

Adult Development and Aging

Enriching the Lives of Older Kansans, Adults With Disabilities, and Their Families by Addressing Health and Wellness Needs

Community Development

Community Leadership Development

Crop Production

Weed Management in Field Crops

Managing Soil Nutrients and Fertility

Crop Residue Management in Kansas

Reducing the Impact of Wheat Diseases in Kansas           

Family and Child Development

Quality Early Childhood Experiences in Kansas

Building Strong Families

Family Resource Management

Kansas Financial Security for All Plan


Farm Management

Production Economics - Crop & Livestock Profitability, Budgeting, land & Machinery Purchase & Leasing

Risk Management: Marketing, Insurance, Finance, Transition Planning, and Government Programs


Kansas Healthy Yards and Communities

Strengthening Local Food Systems

Extension Master Gardeners

Livestock Production

Beef Extension


Natural Resources

Kansas Natural Resource and Environmental Management

Nutrition, Food Safety, and Health

Improve Access to High Quality Foods, Especially for Consumers with Limited Resources

Kansas Consumer Food Safety Education Program

Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Kansas

Youth Development

Positive 4-H Youth Development (5 Cs)