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KSRE Employee Resources

PFT Action Plan and Making a Difference Reports 2018-2019

Adult Development and Aging

  • Action Plan; Improving the Health and Quality of Life of Older Kansans through Targeted Education and Outreach
  • Making a Difference Report; Utilizing an Empathic Sensory Experience to Understand Age-Related Sensory and Functional Decline

Community Vitality

  • Action Plan; Cultivating Small Business and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
  • Making a Difference Report;

Crop Production

Family and Child Development

  • Action Plan; Healthful Relationships for Healthy Families and Children
  • Making a Difference Report

Family Resource Management 

  • Action Plan; Financial Knowledge and Skills for Family Economic Stability and Security
  • Making a Difference Report; Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas & Financial Knowledge and Skills for Sound Financial Decisions

Farm Management

  • Action Plan; Production Economics: Crop and Livestock Profitability, Budgeting, Land and Machinery Purchase and Leasing
  • Making a Difference Report; Producing Profitably in difficult Times
  • Action Plan; Risk Management: Farm Financial Situation, Crop Insurance, Agricultural Policy, Grain and Livestock Marketing
  • Making a Difference Report; Risky Business: Managing Risk in Agriculture


  • Action Plan; Increasing Access to Locally Produced Fruits and Vegetables
  • Making a Difference Report; Grower Training Programs Increase Skills and Knowledge of Fruit and Vegetables Farmers

Livestock Production

  • Action Plan; Vaccine Storage and Handling
  • Making a Difference Report;

Natural Resources

Nutrition, Food Safety and Health

Youth Development




updated 1/2019

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