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President’s Message — August 12, 2020

August ESP President’s Message


Wait?!?!  How is it already the middle of August!?!  Each year I ask myself where the summer has gone and this year is no different, although it’s been compounded by the COVID time warp. I no longer have kids to get ready to go back to school and my own days in the classroom are long gone, but I still get a little feeling of excitement each year about this time at the thought of school starting again.  Don’t judge—I was one of those students who loved to comb through a new syllabus.  I experience a similar rush of excitement when I see the schedule for an upcoming conference. It’s exciting to see who will be speaking and to pick out my breakout sessions. Conferences are going to look a lot different this fall as most have gone virtual, but what a great way to be able to participate without the expense of travel.

This year’s National ESP Conference will be held virtually October 6-8.  Register online now!  Early bird registration is $100 and ends September 7.  I’m excited to announce that our chapter will offer up to 10 full scholarships to help our members can take advantage of this opportunity. Both annual members and retirees are eligible to apply. Complete a short application form by September 1.

Our KSRE Annual Conference will also be held virtually this year which means our chapter’s annual meeting and awards recognition will also look a bit different. Plans for these events nor a date have not been finalized, but the ESP Council has decided to hold our event outside of the typical annual conference timeframe to allow plenty of time for meeting and celebrating.  Be watching for more details to come soon.  While you’re waiting start working on awards nominations for your colleagues.  ESP offers a variety of awards.  You can learn more about the awards and the nomination process on the ESP website.  Nominations are due to Anissa Jepsen by September 15.   Extension professionals have been doing GREAT work over the past year, so I am expecting lots of nominations!

Keep up the great work and stay tuned for more information about our annual meeting.

Jennifer Wilson
Chapter President

Jennifer Wilson

Alpha Rho Chapter President



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