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Monthly President’s Message

August 2018

Greetings to our membership of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi.  As I worked on some ESP business yesterday I realized that I am a bit overdue to update my president’s message and so I have a few things I want to share with you all.

1) Just a quick reminder that Tuesday, August 14 at 9:30 a.m. we will have our Zoom Chapter meeting to discuss the proposed change in the chapter constitution and bylaws as it relates to membership eligibility.  Our membership and constitution committees have done a great in proposing a change that will more closely align us with the national organization. I encourage you to look at the proposal on the email sent out, join us for the live Zoom call or watch the recorded version, and then watch for the link to the Qualtrics survey that will be our method of voting.

2) National meeting is just around the corner and early-bird registration goes through August 31. I urge all Alpha Rho ESP members to take the opportunity to attend.  National ESP meeting is a great professional development opportunity and for many of us, it will never be closer in our Extension careers!  The National meeting registration website is: http://espnational.org/en/2018-national-esp-conference

3) It is hard to believe but the 2017-18 programming year is quickly winding down.  It will soon be time to make those decisions as to what professional organizations to join and pay our dues. It is my hope that each of you has gotten something from ESP this year and that you will renew your membership.  I would also hope that each of you would take the time to invite an extension professional who is not an ESP member to take advantage of all ESP offers and join the ranks.  Remember, the new guidelines allow for departments and units to pay for dues from non-appropriated funds.  So now is the time to approach your department heads, district directors, and local unit boards to discuss that option.

In the August 7th edition of the Tuesday Letter, Stacey Warner had a great reflection on being and Extension Professional.  It was a great article and each point spoke to me as to why I chose to belong to my professional association(s).  I asked her permission to run it as part of my president’s message.  Thanks Stacey for this great message!

Benefits of Being an Extension Professional – By Stacey Warner

John Forshee

ESP Alpha Rho President



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