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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Council Director Responsibilities

Epsilon Sigma Phi
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Council Director Responsibilities

Director descriptions:
•  Council Directors for areas and state serve on the Membership Recruitment and Retention committee.
•  Council Director for retirees serves on Retiree committee.
•  The Extension Director's representative serves as a communication link between administration and the chapter.

1. Attends meetings of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

2. Represents their area of membership on the council.

3. Gives director's report at council meetings and in newsletters to membership throughout the year. Highlights new members, retirements and special recognitions.

4. Encourages members to engage in the work of the chapter.

5. Contacts prospective members who received a membership invitation and encourages them to join.

6. Sends a letter of congratulations to those who have joined from area.

7. Reminds members to pay dues.

8. Solicits nominations for awards from members in their area.

9. Recognizes members in their area who have received chapter recognition.

10. Submits report for chapter annual report.

11. Submit appropriate documents to historian for the archives.

12. Keeps a file, box, or notebook of details of the office (including time line) up-to-date to pass on to successor.

13. Fulfills other responsibilities as needed.

April 21, 2009