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Epsilon Sigma Phi - Alpha Rho Chapter

Treasurer Responsibilities

Epsilon Sigma Phi
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Treasurer Responsibilities

1. Attends all meetings of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi.

2. Gives treasurer's report at business meetings and in newsletters to membership throughout the year.

3. Maintains chapter checking, savings and other accounts as necessary.

4. Maintains e-mail listservs of chapter membership to include national office, regional vice-president and the K-State archivist.

5. Keeps record of all chapter income and expenses using approved accounting procedures.

6. Provides names to membership committee and council directors for contacting prospective new associate, annual and life members.

7. Provides names to council directors of former members who are delinquent in paying dues.

8. Collects membership dues, submits annual and life member dues and reports to national executive director by deadline established by national office.

9. Accepts life membership payments from retired chapter members and forwards them to national executive director.

10. Pays budgeted bills routinely. Pays non-budgeted bills as authorized by the board.

11. Works with Budget and Audit committee:
       • develops budget for upcoming year
       • has financial records audited immediately after close of chapter fiscal year

12. Gives the treasurer's report at the annual business meeting, including a written annual financial summary.

13. Maintains chapter membership lists and historical membership database.

14. Serves on the Extension Endowment Fund Board of Trustees.

15. Communicates with the K-State Foundation regarding funds available for grants. Submits grant requests to the foundation for funding.

16. Serves as the chapter "executive officer" in providing continuity for the operation of the local chapter to include ongoing communication with the chapter president.

17. Keeps a file, box, or notebook of details of the office (including time line) up-to-date to pass on to successor.

18. Submits appropriate documents to historian for the archives.

19. Submits report for chapter annual report.

20. Fulfills other responsibilities as needed.

April 21, 2009