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Family and Child Development

K-State Research and Extension Family and Child Development Program Focus Team

K-State Research and Extension County and District Offices

Map of Family and Child Development Program Focus Team Members

Co-Chairs: Anne Pitts and Elaine Johannes

Evaluation Liaison: Deb Andres

Members: Deb Andres (Geary County), Shandi Andres (Flint Hills District), Aimee Baker (Wichita County), Crystal Bashford (Morton County), Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena (Sedgwick County), Tristen Cope (Marion County), Melody Garcia (Kearny County), Linda Gilmore (Communications and Agricultural Education - Publishing), Trisha Greene (Edwards County), Mindy Heinson (Kiowa County), Lora Horton (Hamilton County), Elaine Johannes (Applied Human Sciences), Rebecca McFarland (Frontier District), Chiquita Miller (Wyandotte County), Chelsi Myer (Leavenworth County), Anne Pitts (Harvey County), Erin Tynon (Pottawatomie County), Berny Unruh (Cottonwood District), Bradford Wiles (Applied Human Sciences), Taylor Ziegelmeier (Golden Prairie District), McKenzie Zimmerman (Applied Human Sciences)