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The following resources are designed to increase awareness about families from different cultures and how communities can work together for the well-being of all families. The purposes of the program, Building Bridges Within Our Communities, are to allow a participant to: 1) become more aware of their personal stereotypes and reduce use of stereotypes involving people and families who have different backgrounds; and 2) explore with other participants ideas on what can be done to live harmoniously within a community with persons and families of different backgrounds.

The program, Paraguay - Heartland of South America, is to help participants 1) identify similarities and differences between Paraguay and Kansas; and 2) develop a cultural awareness of the Paraguayan people, their families, and their environment. A traveling exhibit of Paraguayan artifacts and a short video/DVD can be checked out for presenting this lesson to middle and high school students and adults. This K-State Research and Extension project was completed in collaboration with Partners of the Americas, Kansas Paraguay Partners (non-profit organizations committed to promoting economic and social development in the Western hemisphere) and a Kellogg Foundation Fellowship in Community Development.