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Family and Consumer Sciences

Family Studies and Human Services Extension Specialists

Elizabeth Kiss

Elizabeth Kiss, Ph.D.

Topics Areas:

Youth and adult financial education related to earning, saving, spending, borrowing and protecting against risk. Including:  developing spending plans; tracking spending and saving; saving and investing; planning for long-term goals such as home ownership, retirement or a child's education; understanding borrowing, credit reports, and credit scores; choosing appropriate insurance, emergency funds, protecting against identity theft and avoiding frauds and scams.



Elaine Johannes, Ph.D.




Title: Assoc. Professor and Extension Specialist

Chair of Human Development and Family Sciences Unit

Director for Great Plains-IDEA Graduate Programs

Contact Information:  

Phone:  785-532-7720 (office)
            785-532-5510 (main office)
 Email:  ejohanne@ksu.edu
Topic Areas: 


  • Adolescent health
  • Prevention of youth-related problem behaviors (e.g., substance abuse, teen pregnancy, school dropout,   delinquency, risk behavior, violence)
  • Youth development
  • Promotion of youth voice and engagement
  • Family and Youth Development
  • Resilience
  • Poverty
  • Social and Economic Determinants of Health 


bradford wiles

Bradford Wiles, Ph.D.

Topic Areas:

  • Early Childhood Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development
  • Applied Developmental Research Across the Lifespan
  • Building Resilience in Vulnerable Families Through Mentoring
  • Parent-Child Interaction in Military Families, Low-Income Families and Rural Families
  • Early Childhood Education Including Head Start, Early Head Start, and Early Child Care Setting
  • Mixed Research Methods, Including Advance Statistical Analyses
  • Program Planning and Education


Erin Yelland

Erin Yelland, Ph.D.

Topic Areas:

  • Adult development and aging
  • Promoting healthy aging across the lifespan
  • Sexuality and sexual expression in older adults
  • Dementia and sexual consent capacity
  • Educating communities and families on Alzheimer’s disease
  • Fall prevention
  • Dying, death, and grief