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Living Well Wednesday is a virtual learning series hosted by K-State Research and Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) professionals from across the state of Kansas. The winter/spring 2024 series kicks off in January and we invite you to join us!

Webinars will be offered the second Wednesday of each month, from 12:10-1 pm. There is no charge to participate, however, registration is required. All webinars will be recorded and posted below along with supporting resources.

Register for all webinars in this series here: bit.ly/47WAPoN

Two webinars will be offered in Spanish on the third Wednesday in January and March at 12:30 pm. See webinar descriptions below and register here:bit.ly/3tD7bGn

2024 Winter/Spring Series

January 10, 2024: “Sleep is a Superpower”

Presenter - Michelle Lane RN, MSN, CMSRN, CHC, NE-BC, Senior Director, Community Wellness and Corporate Health at North Kansas City Hospital

A lot happens while you are sleeping. Inadequate sleep directly affects our relationships, life expectancy, libido, cardiovascular health, immune system and contributes to weight gain. Learn how to leverage this superpower for better health.

Here is the link to the recording for the webinar on sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjW0_HGq_mY

Presentation: Sleep is a Superpower

TED Talk:  "What is the connection between sleep and Alzheimer's Disease??
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February 14, 2024: “Women’s Health and Functional Medicine”

Speaker:  Joleen Zivnuska, APRN, MSN

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Wichita, KS

Women often take care of everyone else by themselves. This leads to sleep deprivation, poor eating habits, gut issues, and increased stress which in turn can all cause a compromised immune system and other health issues. We’ll look at common root causes of illness in women including the impact that trauma and ACE’s have on well-being.

Here is the link to the webinar: https://youtu.be/JcNdRD1GBhU

Link to the "Women's Health and Functional Medicine" presentation Slides

We would really appreciate hearing from you after you view the webinar. Click here to take a short follow-up survey – thank you!


March 13, 2024: “Navigating Diets, Supplements, and Women’s Health in a Confusing World”

Speaker: Priscilla Brenes, MPH, Ph.D

Extension Assistant Professor, State Extension Specialist - Department of Food, Nutrition Dietetics, and Health

With so much information on health, it’s hard to know what is true. This session will cover keys to a healthy and balanced diet, discuss how/when to use supplements, and explore wellness tips for women. Learn if medications that facilitate weight loss work for long-term wellness.

Here is the link to the Presentation: https://youtu.be/9c35NahfYW4

Navigating Diets, Supplements, and Women's Health in a Confusing World slides

2024 Webinars in Spanish:

Vivir Bien Serie los Miércoles - bit.ly/3tD7bGn

Únase a nosotros para la serie de invierno de 2024 de Vivir Bien Serie los Miércoles, en español, presentada por agentes y especialistas de la Investigación y Extensión de la Universidad Estatal de Kansas (KSRE), Ciencias de la Familia y del Consumidor (FCS) de todo el estado. Le invitamos a unirse a nosotros el tercer miércoles de enero y marzo, de 12:30 a 1:30 pm. Regístrese una vez para ambas sesiones.

17 de enero de 2024

"Desarrollo Rápido del Cerebro de los Bebés y Por Qué Es Importante"

Presentadors: Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena

Agente de Extensión de Vida Familiar y Manejo de Recursos en el Condado de Sedgwick

Se discutirá la importancia de las experiencias tempranas para los bebés junto con los efectos del estrés y el trauma en el desarrollo del cerebro. Aprenderemos acciones que proporcionen factores de protección.

20 de marzo de 2024

"Navegando Por las Dietas, los Suplementos y la Salud de la Mujer en un Mundo Confuso"

Presentadora: Priscilla Brenes, MPH, Ph.D.

Profesor Asistente de Extensión, Especialista en Extensión Estatal - Departamento de Alimentación, Nutrición, Dietética y Salud

Con tanta información sobre salud, es difícil saber qué es verdad. Esta sesión cubrirá las claves para una dieta sana y equilibrada, analizará cómo y cuándo utilizar suplementos y explorará consejos de bienestar para las mujeres. Descubra si los medicamentos que facilitan la pérdida de peso funcionan para el bienestar a largo plazo.

2023 Fall Webinar Series (October – December)

October 4: “It’s not so Kool to JUUL”


Donna Gerstner, LiveWell Finney County CDRR Grant Coordinator and the E- Cig Prevention Grant Coordinator

Vaping is the new epidemic among youth. Twenty-five percent (25%) of Kansas High School students currently vape or have vaped. What do we know about Vaping? We’ll also cover what vaping looks like, who is behind this epidemic, and why. How can we help educate the public and youth? We have learned many things about vaping in the past few years -- it causes depression, is very addictive, and hard to quit. Kansas has several programs that are available to help combat this vaping problem among our youth. These topics will be discussed as well as the work going on in prevention.

Link to webinar recording:   https://youtu.be/8M4e8cKdP64

Presentation:   It’s not so Kool to JUUL

Cessation services and resources:

https://ks.mylifemyquit.org  (cessation)

https://kansas.quitlogix.org  (cessation)

This is quitting - Text KITCHJUUL to 88709  (cessation)

https://www.takedowntobacco.org/advocacy-trainings  (student education)

https://catch.org/program/vaping-prevention/  (Catch My Breath Curriculum - student education)

https://www.kdhe.ks.gov/1934/Vaping-ECHO-for-Education  (Echo Project on Vaping through KS Dept. of Education and KDHE)





November 1: “Teen Stress and Anxiety: How Worried Do Parents Need to Be?” 


Christine D. Perez, EdS, LCPC; Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Director of Crisis Services @ Crawford County Mental Health Center     

Erin Tynon, M.S; Family Consumer Science Agent, Pottawatomie County 

This program will examine the current state of teen mental health and decipher for parents what is normal teen stress versus when professional help maybe needed.  Parents want to say the right thing when their child talks about their stresses, but sometimes it is hard to find the words.  This will give parents scripts and strategies to talk about these tricky topics.  Christy Perez, a licensed clinical counselor, will be available to answer any of those hard questions parents may have.

Link to webinar recording:  https://youtu.be/kFr4fSSMokk


Presentation:  Teen Stress and Anxiety

Suicide Warning Signs for Youth (English)

Suicide Warning Signs for Youth (Spanish)

Suicide Crisis Lifeline, call/text (English)

Suicide Crisis Lifeline, call/text (Spanish)

Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas

Webinar online evaluation:  https://bit.ly/45WXHDD


December 6: “Rapid Development of Baby Brains and Why it Matters”

Offered in Spanish on Thursday, December 7 at 11 a.m.

            (Please check back for a registration link to this offering in Spanish)


Dr. Bradford Wiles, Kansas State University Child Development Specialist

Monique Koerner, Community Wellness Extension Agent, Cottonwood District

Tristen Cope, Family and Youth Development Agent, Chisholm Trail District

Presenter for Spanish: Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena, Family Life & Resource Management Agent, Sedgwick County

This session will describe the importance of early experiences for babies because of their rapid brain development. Discuss the effects of stress and trauma on brain development and actions that provide protective factors for healthy brain development in babies.

2023 Webinar Series (January – March)

January 11: A Brief Review of Radon Indoor Gas

Presenter:  Brian Hanson, K-State Radon Programs Coordinator

Have you tested your home for radon gas exposure in the last 5 years? Brian Hanson explains what radon gas is; health effects associated with chronic exposure to indoor radon; why homes have radon issues; how to measure your home for radon; and what can be done to reduce elevated levels of radon in homes.

January – March is the ideal time for those living in Kansas to test for radon. Reliable do-it-yourself test kits are available from your local Extension Office. https://www.ksre.k-state.edu/about/statewide-locations.html

Link to webinar recording:

Presentation:  A Brief Overview of Indoor Radon Gas

Additional Resources:

Kansas Radon Program:



Links to radon news stories:



Link to evaluation survey:


January 25:  Legal Documents You Need

Presenter:  Dominic Cavicchia, Staff Attorney, Kansas Legal Services

Link to the webinar recording:

"Estate Planning Essentials: A Matter of Life and Death" - As Benjamin Franklin famously said, "nothing is certain except death and taxes." While no one really enjoys thinking too much about either of these unavoidable certainties, good Estate Planning now can ease the future burden of loved ones facing tough end-of-life and post-mortem decisions.

In this presentation, Kansas Legal Services Staff Attorney - Dom D. Cavicchia, will explain the essential documents everyone should have, including: Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, and Living Will.

Link to evaluation survey:


February 8: Fighting Back Against the Silent Killer

          Sara Sawer, Nutrition, Health & Wellness Agent - Sedgwick County; Stephanie Gutierrez, Extension Program Coordinator – KSU

Hypertension (otherwise known as High Blood Pressure) is often called the silent killer because while there may not be any obvious symptoms, it can cause major damage to your blood vessels and lead to serious health conditions or even death. You can reclaim your health by adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle and making changes that matter. Join us to learn how you can begin your heart-healthy journey today!

Link to Webinar recording:

Presentation: Fighting Back Against The Silent Killer

Handout: Consequences of High Blood Pressure

Handout: AHA Blood Pressure Log

Handout: How Excess Sodium Affects Your Health

Handout: Seasoning with Herbs and Spices

Video link: Learn key steps to taking your blood pressure accurately

calmpak, to promote better sleep, health, focus + performance

Link to evaluation survey:


February 22: Declutter Your Mind:  Tools to Tame Your Anxiety and Overthinking

Rachael Clews, Family and Consumer Sciences Regional Specialist – Southwest

Jennifer LaSalle, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent -- West Plains District

Do your thoughts keep you up at night? Do you imagine worst-case scenarios or routinely second-guess your decisions? These are things you might experience when you overthink. Learn some tools to declutter your mind and tame your anxiety and overthinking.

Link to the Webinar recording:

Presentation: Declutter Your Mind: Tools to Tame Your Anxiety and Overthinking

Everyday Mindfulness Fact Sheet

Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas Map with contact information

Link to evaluation survey: https://bit.ly/3IJEzQD 

March 8:  Stretching Your Food Budget

          Julie Smith, Family Resource Management & Entrepreneurship Agent, Wildcat District; Cassidy Lutz, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Southwind

Rising costs at the grocery store affect all of us. Join us as we discover ways of stretching those dollars...from reducing food waste to bargain shopping.

Link to the Webinar recording:

Presentation: Stretching Your Food Budget


Weekly Meal Planning Calendar

Tips to reduce food waste

FoodKeeper App for food/beverage storage

Food Safety Tips

Meal planning tips and healthy recipes

Link to evaluation survey:


March 22: Nutrition and Skills to Get You Started on Family Meals

          Monique Koerner, Family and Community Wellness Agent, Cottonwood District; Tristen Cope, Family & Youth Development Agent, Chisholm Trail District

Link to the Webinar recording:

Presentation  Family Meals - Nutrition and Skills to Get You Started

Additional Resources:

Ellyn Satter Institute

Family Conversation Jar

MyPlate Grocery List

MyPlate Menu

MyPlate Kitchen Recipes

MyPlate Weekly Calendar 

Phrases that Help and Hinder

The Family Dinner Project

Link to evaluation survey:


2022 Webinar Series (September – December) 

December 14, 2022: “Healthy and Prepared for the Holidays”

▪ Join us for tips on how to keep your menu simple and fun during this busy holiday season. The presenters will share how to prepare meals ahead of time, healthy modifications to recipes, and how to repurpose leftovers.

▪ Presenters:  Christina Holmes, Extension Specialist; Ashley Svaty, Extension Specialist; and Melinda Daily, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent.

Link to the Webinar recording in English:

Link to the Webinar recording in Spanish:


November 30, 2022: “Coping with Loss and Loneliness During the Holidays”

Link to the Webinar recording in English:

“Lidiando Con Perdida y Soledad Durante Las Vacaciones”

Link to the Webinar recording in Spanish:

▪ The holiday season is a joyous time for many, but not for everyone. The presenter shares “you have permission to feel how you feel” and more in this helpful webinar.

▪ Webinar presenter:  Melissa Atchison, Pastor, Manhattan Mennonite Church (English); Milka Janet Cartagena Ortiz, Directora de Recursos, Humanos enla Camara de Representantes de Puerto Rico (Spanish)



Additional Resources  



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November 9, 2022: “Simplify Your Holiday – Focusing on What Matters”

Link to the Webinar recording:

▪ As the holiday season nears, are you looking forward to it or do you dread the time, money and energy involved? Understand what makes the holiday special for you, then plan to celebrate according to your holiday values. View the webinar for more ways to focus on what matters.

▪ Webinar presenters:  Dr. Elizabeth Kiss, Professor and Extension Specialist; Joy Miller, Johnson County Extension Agent.

▪ Please complete the following survey upon viewing the “Simplify Your Holiday” recording above.Presentation



Additional Resources                   



October 26: “Survive, Strive and Thrive!”¡Sobrevive, Lucha Y Prospera 

▪ This session will help parents gain confidence in their ability to be a good parent and to gain the skills and attitudes necessary for rearing healthy, positive children (ages 3-16). Link to registration: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas

▪ Webinar presenter:  Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena, Extension Home and Family Agent, Sedgwick County.  

¡Sobrevive, Lucha Y Prospera!: Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena hablará de métodos para ayudar a los padres a ganar confianza en su capacidad para ser buenos padres. Padres aprenderán las habilidades y actitudes necesarias para criar niños sanos y positivos.  

Registro para el enlace del programa: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas 


October 12: “Chronic Illness – Prevention and Management”  

▪ What are the leading causes of chronic illnesses for the Latino population? This session will discuss these issues and offer strategies and lifestyle changes that can help reduce or prevent chronic illnesses. Link to registration: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas 

▪ Guest presenters: Isla Alvarez and Crystal Rodriguez, Public Health Educators through the Community Health Workers program at eh Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) 

Enfermedades Crónicas: Dos educadores de salud pública de Departamento de Salud y Medio Ambiente del Estado de Kansas (KDHE) 

hablaran sobre la prevención y el manejo de enfermedades crónicas. Obtenga más información sobre las principales causas de enfermedades crónicas para nuestra población Hispana. Aprenda estrategias y esfuerzos que pueda hacer para reducir y prevenir las enfermedades crónicas para mejorar su salud. Registro para el enlace del programa: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas  


September 28: “Connecting Cultures”  Conectando Culturas 

▪ During this webinar, the presenter will explore ways to help you keep your cultural roots alive as you start a new beginning in a new country. Link to registration: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas 

▪ Webinar presenter:  Elizabeth Brunscheen-Cartagena, Extension Home and Family Agent, Sedgwick County.  

Conectando Culturas: Únase a este programa virtual donde exploramos métodos para mantener vivas nuestras propias culturas y tradiciones mientras comienzamos un nuevo capitulo en un nuevo país. Registro para el enlace del programa: https://bit.ly/KSRE-Programas

 2022  Webinar Series (January - March)

January 12, 2022: "Parents Guide to Social Media" 

Note: Due to the content discussed this webinar is intended for an adult audience.

  • Do you know what phone apps are the most popular in the United States? Join John Calvert, Director of Safe and Secure Schools Unit as he teaches us about what apps to be aware of on our child's phone.

  • Please complete the following survey upon viewing the "Parents Guide to Social Media" recording above.



Additional Resources

January 26, 2022: "Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude"

  • Was your New Year's Resolution to become more positive? Do you wnt to enhance your personal and professional life? Join us to learn how to change your attitude into a grateful one. You will learn the art of practicing gratitude, the benefits of practicing gratitude, and the impact it has on our lives.

  • Webinar presenters: Jennifer LaSalle, County Extension Agent, West Plains District; Mirna Bonilla, Nutrition and Health Agent, Chisholm Trail District; and Gayle Price, Extension Specialist, Southeast Region.

  • Please complete the following survey upon viewing the "Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude" recording above.



Additional Resources

February 23, 2022: "The MIND Diet and Walk Kansas 2022"

  • Learn the benefits of the MIND Diet and hear first-hand the updates for the health and wellness program Walk Kansas 2022. 
  • Guest Presenters: Lori Wuellner, Extension Agent, Wyandotte County and Sharolyn Jackson, Extension Specialist, Northeast Region
  • Please complete the following survey upon viewing "The MIND Diet and Walk Kansas 2022" recording above



Additional Resources


March 9, 2022: "Preparing Your Finances for Times of Disaster"

  • If you think your household finances are not vulnerable to disaster, think again.  Just one flood, fire, earthquake, or tornado can wipeout a lifetime of savings. Learn steps you can take to help protect your family and business finances from unexpected events of nature.



Additional Resources


March 23, 2022: "Consumers Beware: Avoiding Identity Theft & Scams"

  • Today’s technology leaves the door open for intrusions from the ever-crafty marketers and even criminals. This program will cover some of the common approaches to the invasions of our personal privacy. Tools and information will be shared to help prevent these types of activity from happening to you.
  • Presenters: Barbara Stockebrand, Extension Agent, Southwind District and Janae McNally, Extension Agent, Frontier District



Additional Resources




Holiday Series 2021

The follow video recording is for both sessions listed below:

December 8, 2021- Topic: "Stress Less: Connect and Communicate Through the Holidays"- Family dynamics can be difficult, particularly during the holiday season. The webinar is a deep dive into communicating effectively with family members to reduce stress, create an inclusive environment and make the most of the holiday season.






Additional Resources

Healthy Living:Yoga for Kids  


November 17, 2021- Topic: "Stress Less: Celebrate Self-Care Through the Holidays"

Do the holidays stress you out? Learn how stress affects the body. Identify what your stressors are and learn how to develop your personal self-care plan that will help you get through the holiday madness. 





   Additonal Resources 


If you need help finding your local Extension office for more information on this webinar and other topics, check here: