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Family and Consumer Sciences


August, 2007


To:                  Family and Consumer Sciences Agents and County/District Directors


From:              Paula Peters, PhD
                      Assistant Director


Subject:           Family and Consumer Sciences Survey


The Family and Consumer Science Survey Committee developed a survey to gather ideas about program
priorities as we begin planning for the next five years.  This survey is similar to one that we did in 2002
for the current five-year plan.  We need your help in gathering the data.
We are asking that you meet with your Program Development Committee and/or your Extension Council
to explain the process to them.    All of the support information is available on the FCS
website:  http://www.oznet.ksu.edu/fcs,  You will be engaging your PDC or Council in the process of
surveying your community.  There is a checklist for you and also for the chair of this group.
I have a letter for you to present to the PDC or Council Chair indicating the importance of the survey and
how we will use the information.  I have also drafted a letter for the chair to use to introduce community
members to the survey.  The date and contact information specific to your county will need to be filled in
on the letter.
The planning worksheets should be of value to you and your group as you plan for reaching a representative
sample of your communities.  You will need to make a copy for each member of your PDC or Council.
When the surveys have been completed, please have someone in your office enter the data in the spreadsheet.
   It is very important that the spreadsheet not be altered and that it be returned to Linda Lamb (heiens@ksu.edu)
by March 1, 2008 so that we can provide the data back to you for your planning for the next five years.
Thank you so much for your help.  With this kind of information from our customers, we will be able to
target our work to better meet their needs. 


Agent Checklist
Letter to Your PDC or Council
PDC or Council Chair Checklist
Survey Planning Worksheet
Survey Planning Worksheet Example
Letter to the County Residents
Data Entry Guide
Spreadsheet for Data Entry
Sample Completed Survey