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Extension Food Safety

Annual Supervisor Training

K-State Research & Extension (KSRE) is providing Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR) Annual Training for farm owners, managers, and supervisors. This training will help meet the annual training requirement for supervisors outlined in the PSR. This training can also serve as a refresher for those who have already attended the full day PSA Grower Training, as well as those looking for an abbreviated introduction to the FSMA PSR. This training will also review how farm managers can adequately train their agricultural workers in compliance with the PSR. 

The training will be offered in-person throughout Kansas, online through scheduled Zoom sessions, and on-demand through Kansas State University’s Global Campus. A certificate of training from KSRE will be provided. The training and certificate are free for Kansas growers and $20 for out of state attendees. 

If you are a Kansas grower, contact Cal Jamerson (agri@ksu.edu) or Londa Nwadike (lnwadike@ksu.edu) for the free access code. 

Complete the training online through KSU Global Campus

Access the online training - KSU Global Campus

Global Campus

Annual Supervisor Training Materials

The training materials are provided below for reference only. You will not be eligible for a certificate of training by only watching the video embedded below – it is simply provided as a reference for review, and for other states to offer the training in-person if desired.