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CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Kansas Cooperative Extension Service 1914-1989

The Kansas Cooperative Extension Service:
Extending the University to the People, 1914-1989

This history was compiled by E. H. Teagarden and R. L. Johnson, and edited by R. O. Graham in 1991.

Volume I: Cover, Chapter list, 24K
Chapter 1, Awakening Years, 1860-1913, 402K
Chapter 2, Developing Years, 1914-1929, 407K
Ch. 3, Crisis Years, 1930-1949, 276K
Ch. 4, Expansion Years, 1950-1969, 205K
Ch 5, Adaptable Years, 1965-1988, 303K
Volume I Index, 72K

Volume II
Ch. 6, Personnel,  803K

Volume III
Ch. 7, Agricultural Economics I, Marketing, Public Policy, 428K
Ch. 8, Agricultural Economics II, Farm Management, 507K,
Ch. 9, Extension Agricultural Engineering, 365K
Ch. 10, Extension Agronomy, 416K,
see also Agronomy Farm history, Agronomy Centennial
Ch. 11, Extension Animal Science, 488K,
see also Animal Science Centennial
Ch. 12, Extension Communications, 350K
Ch. 13, Extension Community Development, 222K
Ch. 14, Extension Computer Systems, 233K
Ch. 15, Extension Energy, 164K,
Volume III Index, 177K

Volume IV
Ch. 16, Entomology, 2.3MB,
see also History of the Department of Entomology 1879-1990
Ch. 17, State and Extension Forestry, 197K
Ch. 18, Extension 4-H Youth, 300K
Ch. 19, Extension Grain Science, 121K,
see also Grain Science Centennial, International Grains
Ch. 20, Extension Home Economics, 495K
Ch. 21, Horticulture, 2.3MB,
see also Horticulture's Departmental History
Ch. 22, Plant Pathology, 874K
Ch. 23, Ext. Programs Training and Studies, 249K
Ch. 24, Ext. Veterinary Medicine, 150K,
see also History of the College, Veterinary Med.
Ch. 25, Ext. Wildlife Damage Control, 164K
Ch. 26, Past Extension Programs, 257K
Volume IV Index, 130K

What the Future Holds: Five-Year Work Plan, An Informal Report to the Kansas Legislature, 1998
Mentions merger of Kansas Cooperative Extension Service and Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station