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CAUTION: Recommendations in historical publications may be obsolete and in violation of laws regulating pesticide use. They are included here as a matter of historical interest.

Press Bulletins, 1899-1910, Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station

Press Bulletins Nos. 1-34: Bulletin 86, June 1899 SB086.pdf, 196K
1. Wheat Experiments
2. Keeping Milk in Hot Weather
3. The Fringed-Wing Apple-Bud Moth
4. Soil Moisture and Soil Stirring
5. Blackleg
6. The Sand Plum
7. Kaffir Corn for Fattening Pigs
8. Some Reasons Why Fruit Does Not Set
9. The Peach Twig-Borer
10. Fall Preparation for Alfalfa
11. Celery
12. The Balanced Ration
13. Seed Breeding
14. The Fruit-Tree Bark-Beetle
15. Kansas Sugar Beets for 1898
16. Actinomycosis (Lump Jaw, Big Jaw)
17. Hardy Ornamental Shrubs
18. Notes on Weeds
19. The Potato-Stalk Weevil
20. Possibilities in Corn Improvement
21. Winter Protection of Peach Buds
22. Grazing Grasses of Western Kansas
23. The Spring Canker-Worm
24. A New Crop for Kansas Farmers (Soybeans)
25. Alfalfa Hay for Fattening Hogs
26. Taenia Fimbriata (Fringed Tape-Worm)
27. Sugar Beet Experiments for 1899
28. Treatment of Winter-Injured Trees
29. Milking Scrub Cows
30. Lice on Animals
31. Potato Scab
32. Blackleg (A) Prevention
33. Blackleg (B) Treatment--Prevention
34. Get Ready for the Drouth

Press Bulletins Nos. 35-70: Bulletin 99, 1900 SB099.pdf, 190K
35. Dysentery in Calves and Other Young Animals
36. Experiments with Swine-Plague or Hog-Cholera
37. Kafir-corn, Alfalfa Hay and Soybeans for Pork
38. What is a Digestion Experiment?
39. Skim-milk Calves
40. Orchard Cultivation
41. A Digestion Experiment with Alfalfa Hay
42. To Rid the House of Flies
43. Selection of Seed Wheat
44. The Profitable Strawberry Bed
45. Early Plowing and Moisture Conservation
46. Soybeans
47. Awnless Brome-grass
48. The Kansas Experiment Station
49. A Horn-fly Trap Experiment
50. Infectious Abortion in Cattle
51. Alfalfa in Eastern Kansas
52. Some Nitrogenous Forage-Plants
53. Experiments with Sugar Beets in 1899 and 1900
54. Kafir-corn
55. Plant Breeding by Bud Selection
56. Digestion Experiments with Kafir-corn Stover and Kafir-corn Meal
57. Protective Inoculation against Blackleg in Cattle
58. Questions about Forage Plants
59. How to Test the Vitality of Garden Seeds
60. Gophers and Crab-grass versus Alfalfa
61. Salsify, or Oyster Plant
62. Tame Grasses for Kansas
63. Bromus Inermis
64. Prevention of Grain Smuts
65. Horn-fly Remedies
66. Causes of Failure in Spraying
67. The Cultivated Catalpas
68. The Buffalo Tree-Hopper
69. The Cultivated Millets
70. Botanical Notes on Wheat and Spelt

Press Bulletins Nos. 71-124: Bulletin 119, 1903 SB119.pdf, 344K
71. Experience in Soiling and Pasturing Cows, 1899
72. Fattening Steers without Hogs
73. Cultivated Blue-grasses
74. Some Interesting Climbers for the Veranda
75. The Races of Corn
76. Sugar Beets in Kansas, 1900
77. Honeysuckles at the Kansas Station
78. Johnson Grass
79. A Digestion Experiment with Buffalo-grass Hay
80. Notes on Plums
81. Soybeans in Kansas in 1900
82. Disking Alfalfa
83. Clovers
84. Tests of Soybeans by Kansas Farmers in 1900
85. Roots for Kansas Farmers
86. Kafir-corn versus Good Butter
87. When to Cut Alfalfa
88. Condimental Stock Food for Dairy Cows
89. Shelled Corn Compared with Corn Chop for Young Calves
90. Dried Blood as a Tonic for Young Calves
91. The Clover-hay Worm
92. Cow-peas as a Second Crop
93. Baby Beef
94. Three Ways of Feeding Milk to Calves
95. Skim-milk Calves in the Feed-lot
96. Feeding Wheat
97. Inquiries Concerning Prairie-dogs and Gophers
98. What Shall We Feed?
99. Fall Seeding of Alfalfa
100. Sorghum Pasture for Dairy Cows
101. The Hessian Fly
102. Maintenance Ration for Cattle
103. Grain Weevils
104. Cattle Distemper
105. Sore Mouth of Cattle
106. Profit in Maintaining the Milk Flow
107. Cerebritis or "Staggers" in Horses
108. Destroying Prairie-dogs--A Preliminary Report
109. Destroying Pocket-gophers
110. Corn Improvement
111. Onion Notes
112. Pneumonia in Cattle
113. Pasture Weeds--Their Prevention and Eradication
114. Whole Kafir-corn Compared with Ground Kafir-corn for Young Calves
115. Contagious Sore Eyes in Cattle
116. Glanders and Farcy
117. Ergotism
118. Scab or Itch in Cattle
119. Poison for Prairie-dogs and Pocket-gophers
120. Better Bred Grain and Corn for Kansas
121. Fistulous Withers and Poll-evil
122. Pasture for Hogs
123. A Test of Hand Separators
124. Late Crops

Press Bulletins Nos. 125-151: Bulletin 136, 1906 SB136.pdf, 534K
125. Meadow Fescue
126. Corn Ensilage for Steers
127. Rabies, or Hydrophobia
128. Preventive Work against the Hessian Fly
129. Bromus Inermis
130. Poison for Prairie-Dogs and Other Rodents
131. Warbles or Grubs in Cattle
132. The Common Garden Mole
133. Grasshopper Poisons
134. Baby Beef
135. Ring-Bone and Spavin
136. Contagious Abortion in Cattle
137. Some Troubles of Swine
138. Testing Seed-corn for Vitality
139. Garget (Congestion of the Udder)
140. Kansas Experiment Station Egg-Laying Contest
141. Swine Feeding Test with Sorghum-seed Meal, Kafir-corn Meal, Soybean Meal and Corn-meal
142. Summer Pruning
143. Preparing Fruits for Exhibition
144. The Garden Web-Worm
145. A Shade-Tree Pest: The Fall Web-Worm
146. Testing Winter Wheat Varieties for Western Kansas
147. Kansas Experiment Station Egg-Laying Contest
148. A Troublesome Parasite of the Horse
149. Swine Feeding Tests--Armour's Deodorized Meat Meal and Alfalfa Hay as Supplementary Feeds to Corn
150. The San Jose Scale in Kansas
151. Baby Beef Production with Western Feeds

Press Bulletins 152-186, issued separately.
152. Picking and Packing Apples PB152.pdf, 15K
153. Poisons for Prairie-dogs and Gophers PB153.pdf, 14K
154. Dipping Live Stock PB154.pdf, 13K
155. Prevention of Sorghum and Kafir-corn Smut PB155.pdf, 10K
156. Egg Laying Contest PB156.pdf, 62K
157. Alberta Seed Wheat PB157.pdf, 19K
158. Destroying Pocket-Gophers PB158.pdf, 15K
159. Green Bug PB159.pdf, 14K
160. A Great Need for Saving Soil Moisture This Spring PB160.pdf, 32K
161. The Chinch-Bug PB161.PD, 15K
162. Late Crops PB162.pdf, 23K
163. Hessian Fly PB163.pdf,16K
164. Russian Seed Wheat PB164.pdf, 12K
165. Greater Wheat Straw-worm PB165.pdf, 14K
166. Hog Cholera, and Vaccination as a Preventative Treatment PB166.pdf, 11K
167. Insects Destructive to Grain in Bin and Granary PB167.pdf, 20K
168. What is Pure Bran? PB168.pdf, 13K
169. Adulterated Corn Chop PB169.pdf, 9K
170. Mixed Feed and the Kansas Feeding-Stuffs Law PB170.pdf, 9K
171. Importation of Seed Wheat PB171.pdf, 17K
172. Distribution of Improved Seed Wheat PB172.pdf, 16K
173. Field Tests with Experimental Horse Serum Hog Cholera Vaccine PB173.pdf, 15K
174. A Troublesome Parasite of the Horse PB174.pdf, 19K
175. Distribution of Improved Seed-Corn and Improved Seed of Other Standard Crops by the Kansas Experiment Station PB175.pdf, 19K
176. An Explanation of the Kansas Feeding-Stuffs Law PB176.pdf, 20K
177. Swamp Fever or Infectious Anemia of Horses PB177.pdf, 18K
178. The Inspection Tax on Feeding-Stuffs PB178.pdf, 14K
179. Hessian Fly and Greater Wheat Straw-Worm PB179.pdf, 20K
180. Document Not Issued.
181. Suppressing Hog-Cholera PB181.pdf,17K
182. Kansas State Forestry Work PB182.pdf,16K
183. Injury to Wheat and Other Crops by Freezing and Heaving of the Soil PB183.pdf, 16K
184. Swat the Chinch Bugs as They Pass from Wheat to Corn PB184.pdf, 22K
185. Management of Chinch-bug Infested Lands PB185.pdf, 25K
186. Exceptional Wheat Yields as a Result of Scientific Soil Treatment PB186.pdf, 12K