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4-H Horticulture Judging Contest

Beth Hinshaw
Extension Speclaist, SE
4-H Youth Development
K-State Research & Extension




Scientific Name: Malus domestica

Category: Fruits and Nuts

Apples grown on woody trees that may bear fruit for many years. The gardener should select a variety based on the mature size of tree desired and on how they plan to use the fruits. Some varieties are best for fresh eating, while other varieties lend themselves to cooking or baking. The color of the apple skin may range from traditional red, to yellow, pink or green. Crabapples have a much smaller fruit are often grown for the ornamental flowers which may be white, pink or shades of red. The single leaf has a toothed edge.


 crabapple fruit and foliage

Crabapple fruit and foliage

 Apple flower

Apple flower

 apple foliage and fruit

Apple foliage and fruit



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