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Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

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Manhattan, KS 66506
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Good for You! Newsletters

Spring/Summer 2019 -- Contents: What's Your Move?  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2018-- Contents: Smaller Plate, Lower Weight?

Spring/Summer 2018 -- Contents: Time to Rethink Your Drink!

Fall Winter 2017 -- Contents: Fighting Food Waste-We Can Make A Difference

Spring/Summer 2017 -- Contents: Be Safe at the Plate - and the Park!

Fall/Winter 2016 -- Contents: Praise for Pulses!

Spring/Summer 2016 -- Contents: 10 Reasons to Shop at a Farmers Market

Fall/Winter 2015 -- Contents: Root Vegetables; An Understanding Guide to Selecting Root Vegetables; Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetables; Recipe: Build Your Own Root Vegetable Soup!  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2015 -- Contents: Free Summer Meals Rock for Kids; Breakfast at School -- The Fuel for School  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2014 -- Contents: Here's to a Healthy Season!; Chase Away the Winter Blahs; Enjoy Seasonal Produce  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2014 -- Contents: Get of the SoFAS! Solid Fats; Added Sugars; Be a label Reader  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2013 -- Contents: A Fresh Look at Snacks; Why Eat a Snack?; Why Are You Eating?; Plan Your Snack Attack; Basic Trail Mix  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2013 -- Contents: Gardening Means Delicious Eats!; No Ground for a Garden? - No Problem!; What to Grow?; Tips to Make Your Home Garden a Success  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2012 -- Contents: Make Every Day Moving Day!; Why is increasing our daily physical activity so important?; I don't have the time or the money to go to a gym or join a class. How can I fit more movement into my day?; I'm older, and I can't move as well as I used to-are the physical activity guidelines really aimed at people like me?; Are my kids active enough?  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2012 -- Contents: Family Meals Serve Us Well; Why Eat Together?; Where Can You Begin?; Family Meals the MyPlate Way; What Makes a Family?; Shared Meals...Not Just for Kids!  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2011 -- Contents: Let's eat for the health of it; Build a healthy plate; Cut back on foods high in solid fats, added sugars, and salt; Eat the right amount of calories for you; Be physically active your way; Use food labels to help you make better choices  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2011 -- Contents: Satisfying, Affordable Fruits and Vegetables; Fruits and Veggies -- More Matters!; Get More Value With Your Food Dollars; 37 Least-expensive Veggie; 25 Least-expensive Fruits  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2010 -- Contents: Keep Food Safe....Keep Families Safe; Fruits and Vegetables Need Washing; Steps to Good Handwashing; Good ideas! Sanitize Cutting Boards and Counter Tops, Wash Reusable Cloth Shopping Bags  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2010 -- Contents: Eat Right When Money is Tight; Tips to Stretch Your Food Dollars; Savings Up and Down the Pyramid; What About Eating Out?  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2009 -- Contents: "Eat Healthy to Be Healthy" Tips; Fruits and Vegetables Every Day; Whole Grains Add Flavor; Lowfat Milk Has Vitamin D; Good Sources of Lean Protein; Sweetened Beverages and Juice Add Extra Calories.  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2009 -- Contents: Breakfast Food is Good Any Time; Turn "breakfast food" into a healthy snack!; Recipe- Trail Mix; Milk - Plain, Flavored; Bread - Fresh, Toasted; Save on your groceries; Instant Oatmeal Packets; Quick and healthy choices for breakfast; What can you buy for a dollar?; True or False?; Recipe: Scrambled Eggs in a Mug; Recipe: Grilled Cheese & Fruit Sandwich; Balance What You Eat with Physical Activity.   Spanish

Fall/Winter 2008  -- Contents: Save More at the Store; Want a quick and easy way to find a best buy?; Make-Ahead Crumbled Beef    Spanish

Spring/Summer 2008 -- Contents: You Can Eat Well on a Tight Food Budget; Sensational Six-Layer Dinner; Sensational Six-Layer Dinner is Healthy AND Affordable!; How Can I Use My Vision Card to Stretch My Food Dollar?; Wash Melons Before Cutting    Spanish

Fall/Winter 2007 -- Contents: Legumes Fresh, frozen, canned or dried; Bean facts; Stretch your food dollar; Meals in Minutes; Recipe: Lentils with Carrots and Brown Rice; Bean Dip   Spanish

Spring/Summer 2007 -- Contents: Berries! A Rainbow of Colors; My Pyramid recommendations; Berry Fun Facts; How to...Buy, Store, Rinse, Freeze Berries; Berry Good Fruit Salad; Super Fruit Slushie; Store Dried Fruit; Kid's Corner...

Fall/Winter 2006 -- Contents: Root Vegetables: Nutritious Bargains for the Fall and Winter Seasons!, An Underground Guide to Selecting Root Vegetables, Build Your Own Root Vegetable Soup!, Canned Vegetables: Taste Great, Easy to Serve and Ready to Use!   Spanish

Spring/Summer 2006  -- Contents: Add a Little Cruciferous Crunch to Your Day!, Meet the Cruciferous Family, How Do I Shop For Cruciferous Vegetables?,  Delicious Collard Greens, Cruciferous Kitchen Tips.  Spanish

Fall/Winter 2005 -- Contents: Focus on Fruits Vary Your Veggies!, Do Different People Need Different Amounts of Fruits and Vegetables? Fruits and Vegetables--Sweet or tart, crunchy or soft..., Three Bean Bake.  Spanish

Spring/Summer 2005 -- Contents: How expensive is it to eat fruits and vegetables?, Do fresh fruits and vegetables cost more than canned, frozen or dried ones?, What can I do to reduce the expense of fruits and vegetables?, Did you know that many fruits and vegetables cost less than 50 cents for a cup ready to eat? Spanish

Fall/Winter 2004 -- Contents: How can I make eating plenty of fruits and vegetables easy?, How can I get more fruits and vegetables for my money?, How can I remind myself to eat more fruits and vegetables?, How much is a serving?  Spanish

Questions concerning information on this page can be directed to our office: Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health, 1324 Lover's Lane, Room 207 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS  66506, email: sburklun@ksu.edu or by phone at 785-532-5782