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Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Lifespan Nutrition

On this page, you will find information to help you make healthy nutrition choices.

Information for Infants and Young Children

Information for Men

Information for Older Adults

Information for Women

 Our Extension Specialist is available to answer your questions.

Dr. Sandy Procter, Ph.D., R.D., L.D., Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist, Kansas State University, Department of Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health, 204 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506. Phone: 785-532-1675 email: procter@ksu.edu.


Helpful Links

Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults- 2nd Edition


Eat For a Healthy Heart

Weekly Menu Planning Tool -- This weekly meal guide provides ~1/3 of daily foods recommended by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for 2000 calories/day. If nutrient-dense forms of representative foods are used, it provides ~1/3 of most nutrients needed by adults ages 51-70 years.