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Nutrition and Activity for Community Series

Help youth take control over lifestyle behaviors affecting their health!        


Nutrition and Activity for Communities (N.A.C.) series by Dr. Tandalayo Kidd, Human Nutrition Specialist, is designed to assist adults who work with adolescents in addressing healthy lifestyle behaviors related to nutrition and physical activity.  The series include eleven lessons that provide teaching points, curriculum guidelines, and student activities with answer keys. They can be ordered from the K-State Research and Extension Bookstore.

Start Your Day Right -- Guide youth toward understanding what happens when you skip breakfast, how to use nutrition labels to compare sugar content of different foods, and identify an action to take related to eating breakfast. (MF3004, 8 pages)

Mix and Match Your Fruits and Veggies -- Guide youth toward understanding what nutrients are associated with fruits and vegetables, the benefits of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, and ways to prepare these foods. (MF3005, 8 pages)

Bone up on Your Calcium --Guide youth toward understanding the role calcium plays in a healthy diet, identifying sources of calcium, understanding the relationship between physical activity and bone health, identifying a goal related to increasing low-fat dairy intake. (MF3006, 8 pages)

The Whole Grain Truth -- Guide youth in discussing the functions of grains in the body, what are the differences between whole grains and refined grains, and explain the benefits of whole grains. (MF3007, 8 pages)

Build Strength with Protein -- Help youth discuss the functions of proteins, identify plant and animal sources of protein, and distinguish between voluntary and involuntary muscle movement. (MF3008, 8 pages)

Super-sized Snacks -- Teach youth alternatives to super-sizing, how to calculate calories associated with sugar and fat grams, understand the difference between a portion and serving size, and identify a goal to reduce super-sized portions. (MF3009, 4 pages)

Move More! -- Help youth understand the benefits of physical activity, the health risks associated with inactivity, ideas on how to stay active, and identify a goal to increase physical activity. (MF3010,4 pages)

What's Your Beverage? -- Help youth identify alternative beverages to sugar-sweetened drinks, identify the functions of water in the body and its health benefits, identify the symptoms of dehydration, and identify a goal related to making smarter beverage choices. (MF3011, 8 pages)

The Food Safety Zone -- Help youth define food safety, discuss steps to preventing foodborne illnesses, identify when to wash hands, and identify actions to ensure food safety in the home. (MF3012, 4 pages)

Subtract the Sugar -- Help youth understand and define added sugars, identify food products with added sugars, and identify a goal to reduce added sugar in the diet.  (MF3085, 8 pages)

What's Fat All About? -- Help youth understand and define solid fats, identify foods that contain solid fats, and identify a goal to reduce solid fat intake. (MF3086, 8 pages)

For more information about the Nutrition and Activity for Community Series, contact our office at (785) 532-5782 or sburklun@ksu.edu