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Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health


Nutrition and Health messages that complement Kansas Food Assistance Program Information

Posters and Placemats

  • Happy Holidays! During the holiday season this year, try this quick-to-fix, hot and healthy main dish (recipe for glazed pork and sweet potatoes) Find out what older adults are talking about! The Kansas Food Assistance Program provides extra money to eligible seniors for food. Call 888-369-4777 to find out if you qualify for food assistance. -- December 2006
  • Give Thanks: A poem + Turkey Talk: Tips for serving sage turkey. did you know? Extra grocery money is available to help during the holidays and all year 'round. Call 888-369-4777 to find out if you qualify for food assistance. -- November 2006
  • The Great Pumpkin! Ideas for using fresh pumpkins -- October 2006
  • Keep on Moving: Swing Your Partner and Circle 'Round: An Active lifestyle has many health benefits for people of all ages --September 2006
  •  Tropical Treats: Enjoy the recipe for a Fruity Banana Split. The Kansas Food Assistance Program can help people of any age with low income buy nutritious foods for a better diet. To find out more, contact the Kansas SRS Service Center --August 2006
  • Red, white and blue: Enjoy the recipe for a Berry American Cake. Celebrate our nation's Independence Day with a few history tidbits. Did you know? The Food Assistance Program promotes health, nutrition and independence for older adults -- July 2006
  • Fresh from the Farm: Farmer's Markets: What's in Season? -- June 2006
  • Good Eating for Health and Independence: Contact the Food Assistance Program, Heartland SHARE, Senior Dining Centers, and Food Banks -- May 2006
  • Tap into your resources. Vision card: Make a difference, spread the word. If you are an adult age 60 or older with a small income and have few assets, there may be money and other resources waiting for you! The Kansas Food Assistance Program helps people buy the food they need for good health. Answer the questions shown to find out if you may qualify. If you answer yes, call for additional information. It's confidential -- April 2006
  • The Power of Nutrition...March is National Nutrition Month: Benefits of eating right, a MyPyramid Puzzle, and a food riddle -- March 2006
  • Your "Pearly Whites": Take care of your teeth, gums, health - and smile! Gum disease facts and Dental health tips -- February 2006
  • Enter 2006: A new Year. Eating healthfully will give you benefits today and in the future. Easy tips for health -- January 2006