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Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Resource Profiles

Click on the links below to see a description of the program.

To find out what resources we offer to complement a program, follow this link to Program Topic Resources.

Book in a Bag (word)

Breastfed Infants and You (word)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Eat Smart Be Smart: Vim and Vigor: Promoting Physical, Emotional and Mental Vitality for Older Adults

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Curriculum (word)

Kansas SNAP-Ed (FNP) (word)

Fix It Fresh! Fruits and Vegetables Program

Food Assistance Outreach for Older Adults

Healthy Eating with Diabetes Programs

Kid Chef and The Clean Kitchen Crew (pdf)

Kids a Cookin' (word)

Kids' Meal Times (word)

Master Food Volunteer Leader Program (word)

Mission Nutrition (word)

Nutrition: Good for You (word)

Nutrition PAGE (Practical Advice for Good Eating)

Omega-3 Fats