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Extension Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Health

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

EFNEP helps young families and youth with limited resources—those most at risk to suffer from hunger, food insecurity and the inability to connect with available support systems.  EFNEP offers practical lessons in basic nutrition, food preparation, food budget management and food safety in settings convenient for the participants.



Kansas 2015 EFNEP Impact Report

2015 National Impact Report

National 2012 EFNEP Impact Report

Kansas 2014 EFNEP Annual Report

EFNEP Brochure

Spanish EFNEP Brochure

Sandy Procter, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.
EFNEP Coordinator and Extension Specialist, Maternal and Child Nutrition
204 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS
(785) 532-1675; FAX: (785) 532-1674

Judy Speer

EFNEP Graphic Designer
347 Justin Hall, Manhattan, KS
(785) 532-5616; FAX: (785) 532-1674