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Irrigation at K-State Research and Extension

Journal Articles from Center Pivot Technology Transfer Effort

Bordovsky, J. P.  (2019) Low-energy precision application (LEPA) irrigation: A forty-year review.  Trans. ASABE 62(5):1343-1353.

Brar, D., Kranz, W. L., Lo, T., Irmak, S. & Martin, D. L. (2019) Energy conservation using variable frequency drives for center-pivot irrigation systems equipped with corner watering attachments. Trans. ASABE 62(5):1395-1408.

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Evett, S. R., Marek, G. W., Colaizzi, P. D., Brauer, D. K. & O'Shaughnessy, S. A. (2019) Corn and sorghum ET, E, yield, and CWP as affected by irrigation application method: SDI versus mid-elevation spray irrigation. Trans. ASABE 62(5):1377-1393.

Lamm, F. R., Bordovsky, J. P. & Howell, Sr., T. A. (2019) A review of in-canopy and near-canopy sprinkler irrigation concepts. Trans. ASABE 62(5):1355-1364.

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