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K-State Reports


Beyond 2020, Vision of the future: Selected papers from the sixth decennial national irrigation symposium. Trans ASABE 64(5):1449-1458. 
Modeling cotton growth and yield response to irrigation practices for thermally limited growing seasons in Kansas. Trans ASABE 64(1):1-12.
Career publication list for Freddie Lamm, January 2022.


Management for reduced irrigation diversions  CPIC , Burlington, CO, Feb.


A review of in-canopy and near-canopy sprinkler irrigation concepts   Trans ASABE 62(5):1355-1364.
Targeted, precision irrigation for moving platforms: Selected papers from a center pivot technology transfer effort. Trans ASABE 62(5):1409-1415.
Limited irrigation of grain sorghum  CPIC paper, Feb 26-27
Summary of evaluations of center pivot uniformity  CPIC Paper, Feb 26-27
Evaluation of mobile drip irrigation (MDI) and other sprinkler packages  CPIC Paper, Feb 26-27


Tillage Management and Sprinkler-Irrigated Corn Production   2018 IA Conference Paper


Trends in plant available soil water on producer fields of western Kansas.  Appl. Engr. Agric. 33(6):859-868
Erraticity of sprinkler-irrigated corn under drought    IA, November 2017
Ogallala Aquifer Program Center Pivot Irrigation Technology Transfer Effort     IA, November 2017
Differential corn response to irrigation management  ASABE annual meeting paper
Center pivot irrigation system losses and efficiency   CPIC, Feb 2017
Mobile drip irrigation evaluation in corn  CPIC, Feb 2017
Mobile drip irrigation results from farm demonstration sites   CPIC, Feb 2017
Sprinkler irrigation management of modern corn hybrids under institutional constraints   CPIC, Feb 2017
Irrigation and tillage management effects on canopy formation in corn   CPIC, Feb 2017
Sorghum yield response to water and irrigation management   CPIC, Feb 2017
Irrigated sunflowers in northwest Kansas: productivity and canopy formation  CPIC, Feb 2017


Irrigation scheduling of field corn under institutional constraints  IA Technical Conference, Dec 6, 2016 Las Vegas, NV
Emerging technologies for sustainable irrigation: selected papers from the 2015 ASABE and IA irrigation symposium  Trans ASABE 59(1):155-161
Performance of Center Pivot Irrigation Systems  CPIC, Feb, 2016


Promoting Efficient Water Management through Effective Outreach Education in the High Plains and Beyond: Role of the Ogallala Aquifer Program ASABE/IA Irrigation Symposium, Nov. 2015.
The importance of irrigation scheduling for marginal capacity systems growing corn Appl Engr In Agric 31(2): 261-265
Irrigation scheduling remains important for low capacity systems CPIC, Feb 2015
Long term water strategy planning using Crop Water Allocator (CWA) CPIC, Feb 2015
Effective use of crop rotation and residue for irrigated agriculture CPIC, Feb 2015
A place for grain sorghum in deficit irrigation production systems? CPIC, Feb 2015
Year to year variations in crop water use functions CPIC, Feb 2015
Important agricultural soil properties Extension publication, L935
Agricultural crop water use Extension publication, L934


Soil, water, and plant relationships Extension publication, L904
Residual soil water in western Kansas after corn harvest IA, Nov. 2014
Deficit irrigation of grain and oilseed crops IA seminar, Nov. 2014
Examining the toolbox for deficit irrigation of grain and oilseed crops CPIC, Feb 2014,
Career publication list of Danny Rogers
Career publication list of Loyd Stone 
Career publication list of Norm Klocke 
Career publication list of Rob Aiken 
Career publication list of Gary Clark 
Career publication list of Alan Schlegel


Real Ag: Irrigation 26 minute Public TV program on irrigation with extensive KSU comments
Irrigation of Sunflowers in Northwestern Kansas IA paper, November


Sustaining irrigated agriculture with declining water supplies
   Article by Tom Trout, ASABE Resource Magazine 19(4):4-7
Effect of late season water stress on corn in northwest Kansas ASABE AIM paper, Jul-Aug. 2012
A review of mechanical move sprinkler irrigation control and automation technologies.
   Appl. Engr. Agric. 28(3): 389-397. 
Managing diminished irrigation capacity with preseason irrigation and plant density for corn production.
   Trans. ASABE 55(2): 525-531.
Kansas irrigation trends CPIC, Feb 2012 
Optimizing cropping systems under limited irrigation conditions CPIC, Feb 2012 
Assessment of plant available soil water on producer fields in western Kansas CPIC, Feb 2012 
A return look at dormant season irrigation strategies CPIC, Feb 2012 
Erraticity of sprinkler irrigated corn in 2011 CPIC, Feb 2012 
Crop selections and water allocations for limited irrigation CPIC, Feb 2012 
Introducing the web-based version of KanSched: An ET-based irrigation scheduling tool CPIC, Feb 2012 


Equations for Drainage Component of the Field Water Balance Appl Engr in Agric. 27(3)345-350
Effect of early season water stress on corn in northwest Kansas ASABE AIM paper, Aug. 2011
Irrigation Scheduling for Corn: Macromanagement 2011 version, original paper in 1996 
Preseason irrigation of corn with diminished well capacities CPIC, Feb 2011 
Corn production with limited water supplies CPIC, Feb 2011
Evaluating center pivot nozzle-package performance CPIC, Feb 2011
Water use of oilseed crops CPIC, Feb 2011 PDF Format
Irrigation research with sunflowers in Kansas CPIC, Feb 2011 
Complete Proceedings of the 2011 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Optimal Corn Management with Diminished Well Capacities 5th Decennial Irr Conf.
A Review of Center Pivot Irrigation Control and Automation Technologies 5th Decennial Irr Conf.
Technology Transfer: Promoting Irrigation Progress and Best Management Practices
   5th Decennial Irr Conf.
Evaluation of pressure regulators from center pivot nozzle packages, CPIC, Feb. 2010
Complete Proceedings of the 2010 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Cotton Irrigation in Kansas
Corn yield and water use characteristics as affected by tillage, plant density and irrigation
A look at twenty years of SDI research in Kansas
Corn irrigation macromanagement at the seasonal boundaries – Initiating and terminating the irrigation season
Using the K-State Center Pivot Sprinkler and SDI Economic Comparison Spreadsheet - 2009
Keys to successful adoption of SDI: Minimizing problems and ensuring longevity
Technology transfer from SDI studies
   KSU Northwest Research-Extension Center (March 1989 - February 2009)
Complete Proceedings of the 2009 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Effect of tillage practices and deficit irrigation on corn CPIC, Feb 19-20, Greeley, Colorado
Complete Proceedings of the 2008 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Ensuring Equal Opportunity Sprinkler Irrigation IA Technical Conference San Diego, CA., Dec. 9-11
Is Irrigation real or am I imagining it? IA Technical Conference San Diego, CA., Dec. 9-11
Crop production and economics in Northwest Kansas as related to irrigation capacity
   Appl Engr Agric 23(6):737-745
Tillage and Irrigation Capacity Effects on Corn Production ASABE paper 072283, Minn. MN
Conventional, Strip and No Tillage Corn Production under Different Irrigation Capacities
   CPIC, Kearney, NE
Complete Proceedings of the 2007 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Crop Production in Western Kansas as related to Irrigation Capacity ASABE Portland
Corn production in clump planting patterns - Simple observations from Colby Kansas, 2006
Concepts of In-Canopy and Near-Canopy Sprinkler Irrigation ASCE-EWRI Conference, May 21-24, 2006
Irrigation Guidelines for Oilseed Crops in the U.S. Central Great Plains.
   Presented at IA Conference, Nov 5-7.
Irrigation of Oilseed Crops CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Effect of tillage and irrigation capacity on corn productionCPIC, Feb. 21-22
Crop production under various irrigation systemsCPIC, Feb. 21-22
Crop water use in limited irrigation environments CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Effect of crop residue on sprinkler irrigation management CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Crop selections and water allocations for limited irrigation CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Pumping plant efficiency, fuel options and costs CPIC, Feb. 21-22
MIL evaluation of center pivot irrigation systems CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Economics of irrigation ending date for corn: Using field demonstration results CPIC, Feb. 21-22
Career publication list of Mahbub Alam 1996 - 2006. 
Complete Proceedings of the 2006 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Summer crop production as related to irrigation capacity CPIC, Feb. 16-17
Impact of wide drop spacing and sprinkler height for corn production CPIC, Feb. 16-17
Crop residue and soil water evaporation CPIC, Feb. 16-17
Complete Proceedings of the 2005 Central Plains Irrigation Conference


Irrigation Impact and Trends in Kansas Agriculture
Corn production as related to irrigation capacity CPIC, Feb. 17-18
Water savings from crop residue in irrigated corn CPIC, Feb. 17-18
KanSched, an ET-based irrigation scheduling tool for Kansas summer annual crops CPIC, Feb. 17-18
Complete Proceedings of the 2004 Central Plains Irrigation Conference 


End of corn irrigation season study, 2003 Brief Discussion in, 10-02-03
Drip irrigation laterals on center pivot irrigation Small discussion article and photos
Corn production in the Central Great Plains as related to irrigation capacity CPIC, Feb. 4-5,
Long term effects of the drought on the Central Great Plains CPIC, Feb. 4-5


Stop the abuse of application efficiency Resource 9(9):11-12.


Corn Yields and Profitability for Low Capacity Irrigation Systems Appl. Engr. in Agric. 17(3):315-321. 
Alfalfa-based Penman Crop Coefficients for Western Kansas


The economics of converting from surface to sprinkler irrigation for various pumping capacities  KSU Extension MF 2471 bulletin
Economics of Surface to Sprinkler Irrigation System Conversion for Lower Capacity Systems    CPIC paper
Partitioning of Sprinkler Irrigation Water by a Corn Canopy
See also KSU Irrigation software Sprinkler partitioning amounts for fully developed corn canopies
Nitrogen Fertilization For Corn Production When Using Lepa Center Pivot Sprinklers
Who wants to be an in-canopy irrigator?


Uniformity of in-canopy center pivot sprinkler irrigation


In-canopy sprinkler application for corn: What works and what doesn't
Improvements in irrigation efficiency
Efficiencies and water losses of irrigation systems.  MF-2243


Irrigation Scheduling for Corn: Macromanagement


Improvements in Irrigation Efficiency pdf format


Irrigation Scheduling with Planned Water Depletion pdf format
Soil Water Survey After Corn Harvest in Northwest Kansas
Storage Efficiency of Preplant Irrigation


Resource Allocation in Corn With Water Resource Constraints pdf format


Preplant Irrigation in the Central and Southern High Plains - A Review pdf format


Spreadsheet Templates For the Calculation of Penman Reference Evaporation


Soil Water Recharge Function as a Tool for Preseason Irrigation pdf format
Corn Yield Response to Different Irrigation Regimes


Comparison of Spray and Impact Sprinkler Performance
Relay cropping of Soybeans into Wheat


Scheduling Irrigation Using Computed Evapotranspiration