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K-State Research and Extension provides great career opportunities and is always looking for great candidates! 

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“We do the work we do, not because we are told to do it or because we are obligated by a set of rules. We do this work because we believe it's the right thing to do. We do this work because we are passionate about our communities and the health of all who reside in Kansas. We work to better the lives of Kansans because we love our communities and we believe in the people who reside within.” 

-  Kansas Extension Agent

Thinking about a job with K-State Research and Extension?

  • Do you enjoy working with people?

  • Do you want to make a difference in the lives of Kansas families, agricultural producers, youth, and other community members?

  • Would you like to be associated with Kansas State University?

If you answered, "YES" to these questions, K-State Research and Extension may provide just the career for you!

Working at K-State Research and Extension

As a land-grant institution, part of Kansas State University's mission is to connect community needs with university resources. We do this through a network of county, district, area, and campus offices, as well as agricultural experiment centers and sites.

Our current programming is focused on helping find solutions for five grand challenges: global food systems, water, health, community vitality, and developing tomorrow's leaders. To accomplish this we offer a wide variety of jobs, both on and off campus.


Employees of Kansas State University receive outstanding benefits including health insurance, retirement plans, sick and vacation leave, and tuition assistance. 

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