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Information for Extension Agent Applicants

Learn more about being an Extension Agent, working at K-State, and the process of applying for a job at K-State Research and Extension.


Being an Extension Agent 

 Hear from real K-State Extension Agents about:

Working at K-State 

 Learn about K-State employee benefits 

 Find a Future in Purple with K-State's Human Capital Services

Applying to be an Extension Agent for K-State

Discover open Extension Agent positions:

By signing up for K-State Job Alerts, you will receive notifications any time a job that may interest you is posted on the K-State Careers page.  How to get job alerts: 1. Go to careers.ksu.edu/cw/en-us/subscribe. 2. Input your preferred email address.  3. Select all "Employment Types" and "Categories" that you may be interested in.  For Extension jobs make sure to check the "Extension Agent / Educator" option in both lists.  4. Affirm that you are not a robot and click "Subscribe."  end of steps.  You can also monitor our Job Openings by visition ksre.ksu.edu/jobs.  K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


Learn about our application process and procedures