What Is the Food System?

images of local food system sectors

The food system is everything that is part of ensuring that people have the food they need to survive and thrive - from production through processing, distribution, consumption, and food waste management - if it involves food in some way, it is part of the food system. A functioning local food system integrates the five sectors to serve the values of enhancing the environmental, economic, social, and nutritional health of a particular place and its inhabitants.


Kansas Local and Regional Food Systems

Many communities, counties, and regions in Kansas have already started conversations around supporting and developing their local and regional food systems. Some communities have formed councils or groups to discuss local food and farm opportunities. Other communities have completed food system assessments or plans. Below are links to existing reports that share goals, needs, challenges, and opportunities for local and regional food systems in Kansas.

What do statewide reports say about local food?

Feeding Kansas Report (KRC, 2014)
Local Food and Farm Task Force Report to the Legislature (pdf, KDA, 2016)
Local Food and Farm Task Force Report to the Legislature (pdf, KDA, 2017)
Special Reports on Kansas Agriculture (KDA)